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Harlem – News April 29, 2011

Inside the urban paradise
Inside the urban paradise (New York Post)
In a city filled with attractions and entertainment, Central Park — the emerald jewel of Manhattan — draws more visitors every year than Broadway, the Yankees or the Empire State Building combined, a new study of the park has found.
Mayor’s PlaNYC anticipates growth (New York Post)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced updates to his sustainability plan that contains hundreds of initiatives to help the city brace for an increase of more than 1 million residents by 2030 while reducing greenhouse gases and implementing other green measures.

The boy from Harlem, New York, who will protect the Queen at the Royal Wedding (Daily Mail)
The skateboarding, punk-loving boy from Harlem, New York, who will protect the Queen at the Royal Wedding By David Gardner Last updated at 11:06 PM on 28th April 2011 Denton John will have a front row seat for tomorrow’s Royal Wedding – as the only American protecting the Queen.

City Council Eases Alternate Side Parking Rules (WNYC)
The City Council has voted to give New Yorkers a tiny break from alternate side parking rules.

Keith Wright Takes Up Marrow Donors’ Fight (NY Daily News)
Harlem State Assemblyman Keith Wright has a lifesaving bill to promote when the state Legislature returns to Albany next week, our Frank Lombardi reports in his Uptown News column today: The legislators return from a two-week hiatus Monday, and the following day Wright will go to bat for victims of leukemia, sickle cell anemia, lymphoma and other …

9/11 Responders' Generosity Hailed in New Documentary
9/11 Responders’ Generosity Hailed in New Documentary (DNAInfo)
A nationwide aid campaign manned by Sept. 11 recovery workers takes the spotlight in “New York Says Thank You,” a Tribeca Film Festival documentary holding its world premiere Thursday night.


May 4, 2011: Luis Camnitzer: Las Galerias at El Museo Del Barrio


Part of El Museo’s FOCOS series, which highlights groundbreaking, mature, yet underrecognized artists, this traveling retrospective highlights three decades of work by Uruguayan conceptual artist and writer Luis Camnitzer. Born in 1937 in Germany, raised in Uruguay, and working in New York for the past three decades, Camnitzer creates works in a variety of media — including installation, printmaking, drawing and photography — that expose our collective indifference to the violence governments inflict on individuals. A pioneer of conceptual art, Camnitzer critiques current political realities with a perspective informed by his first-hand experience of dictatorships in Latin America.

May 4, 2011: Luis Camnitzer: Las Galerias at El Museo Del Barrio
Fri, 29 Apr 2011 16:28:44 GMT

Is Donald Trump A Racist?


Donald Trump claimed victory after President Obama released his birth certificate Wednesday, but many of The Donald’s critics are now blasting the noisy real estate baron for thinly veiled racism. Our Aliyah Shahid reports: The co-hosts on “The View” started by trashing Trump over his …

Is Donald Trump A Racist?
Thu, 28 Apr 2011 17:56:24 GMT

Harlem Businesswoman an Artist At Heart

Harlem Businesswoman an Artist At Heart

President of 125th Street BID is an Artist at Heart

By Jeff Mays

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

HARLEM— Barbara Askins, president and CEO of the 125th Street Business Improvement District, was meeting in her office with the General Manager of Aloft, Harlem’s first new hotel in 40 years, when the hotelier spotted one of Askins’ abstract paintings that had just returned from the frame shop.

General Manager Daniel Fevre had been looking for an artist to kick off a series of exhibits by Harlem artists in a dedicated art space in the hotel’s lobby and decided instantly that Askins’ abstract painting, “Love of Light” would fit the bill.

“He said: ‘I have an idea. Let’s open the hotel with Barbara’s artwork’ and I said: ‘Oh my God,'” Askins recalled.

“I wanted to showcase artists of Harlem because there is so much culture and so much art here,” Fevre said. “Barbara’s work is incredible. The colors are amazing.”

Not many of Askins’ colleagues know about her work as a painter. Most just thought of her as the hard-working head of the BID whose main focus was the marketing and branding of 125th Street, Harlem’s most famous thoroughfare, she said.

“People that I work with have been amazed. They ask why I didn’t tell them,” Askins said.

In fact, Askins has a degree in fine arts with a concentration in fashion and only a minor in business. Askins refers to her apartment as an “art studio with a bed.”

Over the last few years, Askins has completed more than 40 paintings, but she hesitated to put her work on display, delaying her response to Fevre about whether she’d participate in his exhibit until just before the hotel’s opening, when he demanded an answer.

After sitting down with some of her work, Askins noticed a theme and put together “Choices” — which is currently on display in the hotel’s lobby for another several weeks.

“I had a fear of the art because I didn’t think I was good enough,” Askins said. “The last thing you need is negativity when you are trying to create.”

The paintings, which Askins describes as abstract, spiritual works, feature the use of texture and rich color. With names such as “God Is,” “Sacred Sun,” “Love of Light” and “Perfect Peace,” Askins says her paintings focus on the paths people travel in their lives and the things they discover about themselves and life along the journey. The show is dedicated to her mother who encouraged her to continue painting before she passed away three years ago.

Askins sometimes sits at the bar at Aloft and watches how people interact with the work before she goes over and introduces herself as the artist.

“it’s so interesting to see which works people are attracted to. They’ll look around and they often keep coming back to one piece that’s about what’s going on in their lives at the time,” said Askins.

Askins said her ultimate goal is to become well known as an artist before she retires. She doesn’t want to give up her day job because she enjoys the challenge of improving 125th Street.

“The art is not paying for my living so I get to create how I feel. If I’m painting I’m happy or if I’m working with the BID I’m happy,” Askins said.

Fevre said his goal is to exhibit three to four different Harlem artists per year in the space. Requests to exhibit in the space have been flooding in since Askins’ exhibit launched. Aloft is partnering with the Harlem Arts Alliance to help choose which work to exhibit.

“I’m glad my work has been received well and I hope i set the bar high,” Askins said, with a nod to her artist side.

“But I want someone to come and outdo what I’ve done because this is good for the community and good for 125th Street,” she said, with her CEO hat firmly in place.

May 7, 2011: The Fresh Beat Band Concert at Sesame Place


NYC Trips is going to see The Fresh Beat Band Live . The tickets cost $50 for transportation and admission to Sesame Place and $60 with a food voucher (Brooklyn Bus Stop) $55 for Transportation and Admission, $65 to include Food Voucher (Harlem Bus Stop). All seats are first come, first serve and are going fast. $25 is due now till April 7th to hold your seats, the balance is due by April 27th. We will be traveling in a charter bus meeting at Boys & Girls High School at 5 am and The Harlem State Office Building 6am. Reservations for the concert have to be made in advance, if you need assistance please call. We accept cash, money orders and credit/debit via PayPal. For more information please contact Candice @ 718-806-7755

May 7, 2011: The Fresh Beat Band Concert at Sesame Place
Fri, 25 Mar 2011 23:22:48 GMT