Students will mark the 50th anniversary of the freedom rides.

East Harlem Kids to Retrace Freedom Riders’ Journey


Students at Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation meet with original Freedom Riders Lewis Zuchman and LaVaughn Brown. (Courtesy of Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation)

By Jeff Mays

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

HARLEM — When she gets on a Mississippi-bound bus to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders later this month, Victoria Albino, 15, a freshman at East Harlem’s Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation will be thinking about immigration.

Her best friend is an immigrant whose brother was deported shortly after receiving his high school diploma because he did not have legal status.

And just like the Freedom Riders — civil rights activists who were imprisoned and attacked when they rode buses across state lines to challenge segregation laws — Albino believes immigration laws need changing.

“He wasn’t born here but he’s been here since he was young,” she said of her friend’s brother. “I would have done it for something I believe in. I would have rode to change immigration.” 

Albino will join 14 other students from the neighborhood’s first charter high school and dozens more from around the city for a four-day ride starting May 20 that will retrace the route of the original Freedom Riders, making stops in Washington, D.C., Greensboro, NC, Atlanta, Ga. and Jackson, Miss.

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African-American – News

African-American – News May 13, 2011

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So few ensemble-driven African- American films make it to market – whether with familiar faces or unknowns – that the ones that do get out of the gate provoke a weird degree of scrutiny regarding what they have to say about the black experience.

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Al Sharpton Gives Fox News A Pass On Their Racism


Rev. Al Sharpton appeared on The Ed Show yesterday (5/11/11) where host Ed Schultz asked him if there was “underlying racism” in Fox News’ “Common” controversy. Sharpton made some good points but ultimately he ducked the race question – thereby giving Fox News an undeserved pass. It’s astounding that this supposed civil rights leader would do this.

Sharpton told Schultz that Fox News was “trying to create a boogeyman.” That’s entirely true. But how did it escape Sharpton that Common is a black boogeyman being undeservedly painted with stereotypical black boogeyman stain and used to suggest that an African American president is overly sympathetic to black boogeyman causes? All that after Fox previously described Common as “positive” and Hannity defended violent lyrics from (white) Ted Nugent?

Jon Stewart saw the racism and destroyed Fox News over it. Yet Sharpton either missed it or turned a blind eye. This is not the first time Sharpton has failed to challenge racism on Fox News – and this white woman finds it more than a little troubling.

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Al Sharpton Gives Fox News A Pass On Their Racism
Fri, 13 May 2011 00:12:07 GMT

A Constant in a Changing Neighborhood Is Endangered

A Constant in a Changing Neighborhood Is Endangered


For 60 years, Claudio Caponigro’s hole-in-the-wall barbershop on East 116th Street has been an East Harlem landmark, with generations of men taking turns in one of the shop’s three ancient peppermint-color chairs, receiving his tender ministrations among leather strops and bottles of Jeris hair tonic.

It has become a beloved museum of the old-fashioned barber trade, attracting political leaders, entertainers and underworld bosses who mixed with the neighborhood’s declining corps of Italian men, as well as the generations of Puerto Rican and other Latino men who have displaced them.

Even the price he charges is antique — $10 a haircut.