Al Sharpton Gives Fox News A Pass On Their Racism


Rev. Al Sharpton appeared on The Ed Show yesterday (5/11/11) where host Ed Schultz asked him if there was “underlying racism” in Fox News’ “Common” controversy. Sharpton made some good points but ultimately he ducked the race question – thereby giving Fox News an undeserved pass. It’s astounding that this supposed civil rights leader would do this.

Sharpton told Schultz that Fox News was “trying to create a boogeyman.” That’s entirely true. But how did it escape Sharpton that Common is a black boogeyman being undeservedly painted with stereotypical black boogeyman stain and used to suggest that an African American president is overly sympathetic to black boogeyman causes? All that after Fox previously described Common as “positive” and Hannity defended violent lyrics from (white) Ted Nugent?

Jon Stewart saw the racism and destroyed Fox News over it. Yet Sharpton either missed it or turned a blind eye. This is not the first time Sharpton has failed to challenge racism on Fox News – and this white woman finds it more than a little troubling.

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Al Sharpton Gives Fox News A Pass On Their Racism
Fri, 13 May 2011 00:12:07 GMT