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African-American – News June 13, 2011

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Juneteenth (Observer)
For the past 16 years, a small group of volunteers has worked to commemorate and perpetuate the heritage, culture and contributions of African Americans through the Juneteenth Celebration.
King family aunt dies in Pennsylvania (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
Edythe Scott Bagley, the elder sister of Coretta Scott King, died Saturday morning at her home in Cheney, Pa.

NAACP On the Wrong Side of the School Reform Movement (Patch)
In a desperate bid for relevance, the storied National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has inserted itself into the charter school debate and are, in my opinion, walking in through the wrong door.

Black Unemployment 2001-2011
Black Unemployment 2001-2011 (Free Republic)
The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides us with a chart detailing seasonally adjusted unemployment rates for Black Americans from the month George W. Bush was inaugurated to this past month under Hussein.
Alan Lawson, 17, Music (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
From: Silverton School: What’s next:> University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, majoring in violin performance Alan Lawson started playing the violin when he was 4. ‘I’ve always just loved it, and there’s nothing else I really want to do with my life besides play the violin,’ he said.

Group Protests Apple Hiring Practices (NBC Los Angeles)
A small group of people assembled outside the Apple retail store in downtown San Francisco Friday, to protest Apple’s hiring practices.