Beyonce Surprises Fans At Harlem Target
By Jocelyn Vena (@jocelyn1212) While traipsing the globe to promote 4, Beyoncé stopped by New York City’s Harlem Target on Thursday to say hello to some of her young fans. As the store celebrated its one-year anniversary, kids from the local Boys and
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Harlem Stage Announces Fall Lineup
New York Times (blog)
By FELICIA R. LEE Harlem Stage, the multidisciplinary performing arts center supporting artists of color that has made a huge name for itself while managing to weather the recent economic storms, announced on Friday its fall 2011 season of new dance,
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Beyonce surprises Harlem, to Jay-Z delight
NY loves her and hubby Jay-Z. We heard he was away taking care of business Glad to see Beyonce take a few pictures for the crowd and interacted for a while Many superstars can take a lesson from this kind gesture So what’s next for Beyonce?
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Watch Beyoncé Chat With ‘GMA’ in Central Park & Surprise Kids in Harlem
OK! Magazine
But she also made a special stop at a Target in Harlem to surprise kids of a local Boys and Girls Club. We all know that you took some time off and I love how you said you wanted to step off the stage and join the audience, Robin Roberts said on Good
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OK! Magazine
Harlem YMCA Program Adds a Literacy Zone
(Courtesy YMCA) By Jeff Mays HARLEM Immigrants who step into the Harlem YMCA’s New Americans Welcome Center come looking to learn to read, write and speak English, but they often leave with plans for finding a better job, housing or health care.
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50 Cent Cannot Bail Out Max B, Label Says
XXL spoke to the incarcerated Harlem rapper’s label to set the record straight. There is no bail, you wouldn’t be able to bail him out at this point, DJ Next, the CEO of Amalgam Records, Max’s longtime label home, tells XXL.
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Seeing new things: Past and present
Appalachian News-Express
I went to hear Dr. Omar Ali speak at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem recently. Schomburg is considered one of the foremost institutions of its kind, with an extensive collection documenting the history and culture of
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The ‘Run the World (Girls)’ chanteuse delighted members of East Harlem’s local Boys & Girls Club when she suddenly appeared in the Target store. Mrs Jay-Z, who greeted the children with a big hug, joined them in dancing to her new song Countdown and
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Dispatching FHVs via Smartphone Apps

New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission
July 1, 2011

To All Interested Parties:

Industry Notice #11-15 July 1, 2011
For Immediate Release

Attention: For-Hire Vehicle drivers
receiving dispatches via smartphone apps

There has been a recent increase in the development and use of smartphone applications (or apps) for purposes of requesting and dispatching for-hire vehicle trips. While the use of these apps by for-hire vehicles and for-hire vehicle bases is permitted, this use must be in compliance with TLC regulations.

This means that for-hire vehicle owners and drivers may NOT contract directly with a smartphone app developer, without the approval and involvement of their bases. If you are accepting dispatches via a smartphone app that is not authorized by the base you are affiliated with, you are doing so in violation of TLC regulations.

If you are unsure whether a smartphone app you may be using is going through your base, you should contact your base immediately. If you have further questions about whether an app conforms to TLC regulations, you can contact TLC at the following email address: DispatchApps.

Attention: Yellow Medallion Taxicab Drivers

This is a reminder that you are NOT permitted to use smartphone apps for dispatch. As a yellow medallion taxi driver, you may only pick up passengers that hail you.


Visit Taxi and Limousine Commission Web site at:

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