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African-American – News July 3, 2011

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Gonsalves: African-American soldiers were Revolutionary War heroes (Cape Cod Times)
If you paid attention in high school history class or during “Black History Month,” the African-American patriot Crispus Attucks is a familiar name.

North_Carolina_books_for_summer_reading0_1308095005.JPG (The Yadkin Ripple Incorporated)
Are there some North Carolina books in your summer reading book bag? If not, here are some possibilities from authors who will be featured on upcoming programs on UNC-TV’s North Carolina Bookwatch.

‘Little Willie’ Adams had his hand in many business ventures (The Baltimore Sun)
The other evening, former Baltimore Sun reporters Antero Pietila and C. Fraser Smith sat in the studios of WYPR radio discussing the life and times of William Lloyd “Little Willie” Adams, who died Monday at 97.

Preserving a culture
Preserving a culture (Bluffton Today)
Sweetgrass basketmaker Jery Bennett-Taylor works on one of the many baskets into which she says she weaves the souls of her ancestors.
‘Soul Train’ artifacts at Smithsonian’s Museum of African American History (The Washington Post)
Peace, love and soooooooul spilled out of a white tent Thursday night on the Mall as a crowd boogied down a massive “Soul Train” line.

Important Clinical Advances Expected Following Massive Genome Studies … (MediLexicon)
A trio of large-scale genome-wide association studies, or GWAS, have identified more than 15 gene variants responsible for the diversity of white blood cell counts among whites, African-Americans, and Japanese.