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African-American – News July 7, 2011

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Black cowboys — and cowgirls — ride into Castro Valley (Inside Bay Area)
The only national black rodeo rides back into Rowell Ranch this weekend. The Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo — which features calf roping, bronco and bareback riding, barrel racing and more, all performed by black cowboys and cowgirls — has taken place each year since 1984.

Black leaders call Rhonda Thurman's remarks racist
Black leaders call Rhonda Thurman’s remarks racist (Chattanooga Times Free Press)
Napoleon Williams, left, a former Chattanooga police officer, listens as state Rep.
15th Annual American Black Film Festival returns to Miami Beach to honour black film industry (Penticton Herald)
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – One of the most prestigious festivals honouring black cinema returned to Miami Beach on Wednesday to promote cultural diversity and recognize the contributions of black directors, writers and actors to the film industry.

USC names 1st holder of childhood literacy chair (Fort Mill Times)
An African-American English professor specializing in children’s literature and community literacy has been named the first holder of a chair honoring librarian and literacy pioneer Augusta Baker.

Leader Muammar Qadhafi’s Speech to Million March on July 1, 2011 (mathaba)
The power of the Libyan people that you experience in North Africa, and you my son Obama, ask your employers at the White House to show you Libya channel, I am speaking to you live now, to see the facts in order to know that you are right when you withdraw from madness and the crazy of NATO and from Europe. You, who is it, in Britain, what’s his name? What name? Camera? Ah, Cameron! Open the channel of Libya in Downing Street, Open Libya channel if your nerves bear of what you will see, open Libya channel, if you can, you and Berlusconi, Sarkozy and Cameron and others make sure now you are here in the sea. And you are chasing a mirage. And you must be dreaming, you are wrong, you troubled in a battle did not have the expense of it you dont have experience in this battle. Withdraw now, go home. I advise you to withdraw, or everything you have will be destroyed. This people is estimated to convey the battle to the Mediterranean and can transmit it to Europe, can transgress your homes, your offices and your families can be legitimate military targets as you did make our offices and our houses and our children a legitimate military targets. Reciprocal treatment, tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye and the darker the partner. Child for Child, Family for a Family, House for a House, if we decide we can do it. We are able to move to Europe, like locusts, and like the bees, but I advise you to withdraw before a disaster.

Mayor who was born in Pakistan is proud to be an American (Star-Telegram)
By Bud Kennedy In a Texas town with a history of racial discord, the new mayor might be from the town’s smallest minority of all.But Mayor A.J. Hashmi, a cardiologist in the northeast Texas town of Paris, said he does not want to be known as a Pakistani-American mayor.’If they call me a Pakistani-American, then that’s a mistake, because I am an …

Ensemble Theatre Invited to Perform at National… (Houston Press)
Blues in the Night, Ensemble’s latest offering. The Ensemble Theatre, the oldest and largest professional African American theater in the Southwest, has been invited to perform at the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on August 5 and 6. In addition, Ensemble Artistic Director Eileen J. Morris will be honored at a …

Discovery in the attic
Discovery in the attic (UDaily)
Ritchie Garrison discusses the discovery of his great-grandfather’s Civil War shelter tent.
Court fight is expected on N.C. Redistricting (News Observer)
North Carolina, which has seen more litigation over voting districts than almost any other state, appears headed toward yet another round of court fights.