Red Rooster Gets ‘C’ Equivalent in City Health Inspection

Red Rooster Gets ‘C’ Equivalent in City Health Inspection

July 10, 2011 7:02pm | By Tom Liddy, DNAinfo

Red Rooster restaurant racked up 31 violation points on its most recent inspection on June 22, 2011, city records show. (DNAInfo/Jeff Mays)

MANHATTAN – Harlem hotspot Red Rooster racked up enough health violation points on its last inspection to score the equivalent of a C in the city’s restaurant grading system, according to city records.

The eatery, owned by “Top Chef Masters” Season 2 winner Marcus Samuelsson, had four critical violations, including food not being protected from contamination from the June 22 inspection, the records show, for a total of 31 points.

Anything more than 28 points can earn a restaurant a C.

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African-American – News

African-American – News July 12, 2011

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African-Americans with glaucoma have higher oxygen levels than Caucasians (Medical News)
Measuring oxygen during eye surgery, investigators at Washington University School of Medicine in St.

Recession erases economic gains for black community (Business Journal)
Before the recession, many black Americans had pulled themselves from poverty into the middle class, but some data indicates the recession has erased that progress.

Audio Exclusive: Denzel Pays Delfonics from his Own Pocket after Club Snafu (eurweb)
*All Denzel Washington wanted to do was see one of his favorite groups perform. He and other devotees of the Delfonics, including Debbie Allen and her sister Phylicia Rashad, came out to a club in Los Angeles recently where the legendary group was on a bill with other crooners from the era. Washington arrived for his trip down memory lane, only to find out that the Delfonics would not be taking the stage. In the exclusive audio below, Delfonics singer Norman Carter, who was pinch-hitting for original lead William Hart that night, explains how the Oscar winning actor became Capt. Save-A-Show by … (Read the rest and HEAR the audio HERE.)

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A few years ago, I had an African-American woman in her early 30s come to see me for a rash on her legs.

African American Romantic Comedies: The N Word (womenseyeonmedia)
This is the third installment in my series on African-American romantic comedies. The genre of romantic comedy is absolutely split by race. Movies that are supposedly aimed at the larger population will have two White people coming together to overcome some contrived situation, and then of course the requite happy ending for e.g., How to lose a guy in 10 days, Notting Hill, 40 Year Old Virgin, Bridgette Jones Diary, The American President, Jerry Maguire, etc and etc. When Hollywood wants to mix things up, they will include a Latina love interest like in Maid in Manhattan, or It Could Happen to you, but generally speaking, romantic comedies for the so-called general public are a White Utopia. Yeah for Whiteness. Occasionally, these great romantic White utopias do have race fails, or use race to advance comedy, as can be seen Jerry Maguire (who remembers Tom Cruise screaming I love Black people?), but generally speaking, because of the so called light nature of these movies, they have a tendency to ignore and or avoid racial slurs. I wish the same could be said of African American romantic comedies. Because all of the actors are Black, writers have no problem making the word nigger a ubiquitous part of the script. It makes it seem as though Blacks as a whole have no problem with this word, no matter their class position, or education, or personal experiences. In the world of African-American romantic comedies, saying the N word is as normal and easy as saying the word hello

GOP Candidates Caught In Slavery Controversy
GOP Candidates Caught In Slavery Controversy (KSBW-TV)
Republican presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum sough to clarify their support of a pledge that contained a controversial preamble suggesting black children born into slavery had better family structures than black children now.
Scientists Find First Superbug Strain Of Gonorrhea (
LONDON (Reuters) – Scientists have found a “superbug” strain of gonorrhea in Japan that is resistant to all recommended antibiotics and say it could transform a once easily treatable infection into a global public health threat. The new strain of the sexually transmitted disease — called H041 — cannot be killed by any currently recommended treatments for gonorrhea, leaving doctors with no other option than to try medicines so far untested against the disease. Magnus Unemo of the Swedish Reference Laboratory for Pathogenic Neisseria, who discovered the strain with colleagues from Japan in samples from Kyoto, described it as both “alarming” and “predictable.” “Since antibiotics became the standard treatment for gonorrhea in the 1940s, this bacterium has shown a remarkable capacity to develop resistance mechanisms to all drugs introduced to control it,” he said. WRAP IT UP PEOPLE!

Slavery Reference Removed From Marriage Pledge As Michele Bachmann Camp Fumbles Response (Mediaite)
We reported Friday that the marriage pledge that GOP hopefulA Michele Bachmann was first to sign contained a bit of not-so-fine print thatA made a stomach-churning comparison between the era of slavery and the presidency ofA Barack Obama .