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African-American – News July 16, 2011

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One Million Fathers Asked to Lead Children Back to School This Fall
One Million Fathers Asked to Lead Children Back to School This Fall (The Afro American Newspaper)
For the seventh year, men around the country will be asked to lead their children back to school this fall during the Million Father March.
Population shifts from historically black South Side (Star Tribune)
Blacks and Latinos essentially swapped places in the area in just 10 years as the former increasingly make their way to suburbs.

State’s low smoking rate masks ethnic disparities (News10)
California’s adult smoking rate hit a record low last year, 11.9 percent, state health officials announced this week.

Bill Clinton Strikes Again With the Race Card (TownHall)
Bill Clinton strikes again. This time he’s attacking the GOP’s new voting proposals that would end same-day registration and the policy that allows convicted felons to vote after probation.

“Driving Miss Mother F*ucking Daisy” Still Pisses Spike Lee Off (womanist-musings)
When Spike Lee is not flipping out at basketball games, he is one of the most influential directors of our time. With movies like Malcolm X, Do The Right Thing, School Daze, Bamboozled, and When The Levees Broke, he has made an indelible mark on our culture. Unfortunately, Spike has never gotten the recognition that he deserves, and it my belief that much of this is based in the fact that he is a Black director, in a media that does not promote or respect stories that center on race. Spike is rightfully upset with the lack of respect and years later he is still angry over the callous disregard of his brilliant film Do The Right Thing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spike shared his thoughts on why Oscars are no longer relevant, while speaking to Charlie Rose at the PromaxBDA conference.

Texas Prayer Day Stirs Debate, Includes Anti-Gay Pastors
Texas Prayer Day Stirs Debate, Includes Anti-Gay Pastors (EDGE)
A prayer day called “The Response” organized by Texas Gov. Rick Perry has stirred controversy — not least because of the views of some of the pastors and organizations associated with it.
African-Americans More Prone To Pressure Ulcers In Nursing Homes (Medical News Today)
Main Category: Seniors / Aging Also Included In: Dermatology Article Date: 14 Jul 2011 – 16:00 PDT opinions Black residents of nursing homes at high risk of having pressure ulcers are more likely to develop them compared to other high risk residents, especially in homes where a large proportion of residents are African-Americans, researchers from …

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