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African-American – News July 22, 2011

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NAACP regains prominence by diversifying agenda (Sacramento Bee Newspaper)
Jobs, education, health, housing – the issues driving the NAACP these days look much like the concerns of most Americans, and that’s by design.

African Americans in Dallas-Fort Worth battle high unemployment rates
African Americans in Dallas-Fort Worth battle high unemployment rates (Pegasus News)
Three African Americans tell their story. Emma West, Kathy Peterson, and Jason Powell are all African American.
Black leaders discuss job, budget cuts with Obama (ABC 27)
Leaders of the largest and oldest black civil rights groups are urging President Barack Obama to resist deep cuts to programs that benefit urban communities, where some of the highest unemployment exists.

African American Civil War Museum Reopens in Time for 150th War Anniversary (Kansas City InfoZine)
Murphy, Jackson realized, was one of the about 200,000 African Americans who fought for the Union Army or the Navy in the Civil War.

Older Women Dismissed, Invisible? (Patch)
In a story in the April 25 edition of The New Yorker magazine, Nancy Lieberman talked about what it was like to coach basketball in the NBA’s Development League or D-League. The 53-year-old former Olympian and pro basketball player had to find ways to connect with young, mostly African-American men who played for her on the Texas Legends.

Heat Advisories Stem From Hundreds of 1995 Chicago Heat Deaths (Patch)
On Thursday, temperatures are forecasted to boil at 94 degrees Fahrenheit in Winnetka, Glencoe and Northfield.

Al Sharpton looks to be new host on MSNBC (The Baltimore Sun)
After almost a week of speculation, it looks as if the Rev. Al Sharpton is going to be a new weeknight host on cable channel MSNBC.