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African-American – News July 23, 2011

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Keith Olbermann Trashes MSNBC Over Rev. Sharpton Hire, Suggests Quid Pro Quo (Mediaite)
While introducing his segment with departed MSNBC host Cenk Uygur Thursday night, Countdown host Keith Olbermann trashed MSNBC’s reported hiring of Rev.

Democrats Change Candidate Formula, But Criticized For Not Including A Woman On Slate (The Hartford Courant)
For the first time in years, the city’s Democratic Town Committee broke its tradition of endorsing two African-Americans, two Latinos and two white candidates for city council.

Smiley and West take Obama critique on the road – AP (Guardian Unlimited)
AP National Writer= Black activists Cornel West and Tavis Smiley are planning a 15-city “Poverty Tour” to bring attention to the needy and to what they say are the failings of President Barack Obama.

Williamsburg, Virginia In 5...
Williamsburg, Virginia In 5… (Fox News)
Colonial Williamsburg Williamsburg is about more than just stagecoaches and Revolutionary War drum and bugle corps walking down the street trying to entertain tourists.
Immigrant Youth Remake South Philly After Anti-Asian Violence (Hyphen Magazine)
Photos courtesy of Tammy Kim. When my brother suggested Christmas dinner in South Philly, I immediately heard the rap from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air , even though Will Smith’s character hails from the west.

The foot-in-mouth Contessa, &c. (National Review Online)
I’ve never seen her. But I’ve followed her career via the printed press. She’s the one who said, “There are questions about whether this has racial overtones.” She was talking about a pro-gun rally outside a hall where President Obama was giving a speech.