New Boss Looks to Revive Harlem Hospital

New Boss Looks to Revive Harlem Hospital

July 26, 2011 7:37am | By Jeff Mays, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

Denise Soares, the new Executive Director of Harlem Hospital outside its new addition, scheduled to open in August 2012. (DNAinfo/Jeff Mays)

HARLEM—By the time she saw the thick black smoke rising from the Hudson River, Denise Soares, the new executive director for Harlem Hospital Center, was already on her BlackBerry.

Soares saw the smoke while on the roof of the hospital’s new addition during a walk-through last week. A fire and explosion at the North River Wastewater Treatment plant meant the possibility of patients with burns, chemical contamination and the need for emergency surgeries. Twenty ambulances were already on the scene.

In a span of five minutes, Soares, a lifelong resident of the Bronx, called or texted the hospital police, the burn unit, the emergency department, the nursing department, the chief operating officer, admitting department, the operating room and the plastics surgery department.


The emergency room needed to be cleared for the decontamination area and operating rooms had to be prepped. The chief nursing executive was advised to prepare her staff for a possible onslaught of patients. The flurry of calls involved two BlackBerries, a land line, Soares’ secretary and the associate director of public affairs.

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