Immigration enforcement program will not target undocumented students

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Immigration enforcement program will not target undocumented students

Los Angeles Times | August 18, 2011 | 12:52 p.m.

The Obama administration announced today that undocumented students and other low-priority immigration offenders will not be targeted for deportation under its Secure Communities immigration enforcement program.
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Harlem – News

Harlem – News August 18, 2011

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Citymeals-on-Wheels & HCCI Respond to Harlem Emergency (NY Non-Profit Press)
Citymeals-on-Wheels delivered 2,100 emergency meals to needy Harlem residents, including the elderly and children, who reside in buildings that are expected to be without gas, and unable to cook, for up to six weeks as a result of a watermain break.

NYC News in Brief, Aug 18 (The Epoch Times)
New York City Council members, Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, and community groups gathered at City Hall on Wednesday to announce proposed legislation that would standardize the punishment for marijuana possession, reducing the punishment for public possession to the same level as private possession.

Time for weak leaders, Western lies is up
Time for weak leaders, Western lies is up (Final Call)
“We must speak truth to power or die! We must not be afraid to tell the truth even if it means we lose our lives because there is nothing more precious in this universe than truth,” said the Nation of Islam’s leader while delivering a keynote address at the Millions March in Harlem, where a crowd stretched for blocks down Malcolm X Boulevard.

Theater Review | ‘Henry V’: A Kingdom for a Stage, Princes to Act …and Maybe a Better Hall? (The New York Times)
At the beginning of the Classical Theater of Harlem’s “Henry V” actors who have been milling around and chatting with audience members slowly start to leave the casual and the quotidian behind.

Songs for Puppets and Polygamists (WNYC-AM New York)
The composer Robert Lopez has written music for puppets, polygamists – and even Winnie The Pooh.


Bat Gazing Comes to Central Park

Bat Gazing Comes to Central Park

August 15, 2011 11:42am | By Amy Zimmer, DNAinfo News Editor

A little brown bat. (Flickr/J. N. Stuart)

MANHATTAN — As dusk arrives and temperatures start to fall, out come Central Park’s hordes of insects. Right behind them are the winged predators that keep them in check — bats.

The Urban Park Rangers will shine a spotlight on these flying mammals — less a threat to New Yorkers than the city’s pesky bugs — when they lead an hour and half bat tour on Aug. 20, starting at 7:30 p.m. at Belvedere Castle, a favorite spot for the little creatures.

Because they are so fast and tiny, many park-goers don’t even notice bats, said Richard Simon, deputy director of the Urban Park Rangers.

“There are probably hundreds of them in the park. We’ve never done a count,” Simon said. “They’re very hard to see because they’re so quick. And they’re so small. The little brown bats are two inches. They have a four-inch wing span.”

A little brown bat with White Nose Syndrome in Avery County, North Caroline. The disease is wiping out many bat species. (Flickr/USFWS/Southeast)

New York State has nine bat species — none of which live up to the blood-sucking stereotype.

The six cave dwelling varieties are not common in the city, but the others crawl up the bark of trees and on the eaves of buildings,

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African-American – News

African-American – News August 18, 2011

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Smiley Lashes Out at Poverty-Tour Critics
Smiley Lashes Out at Poverty-Tour Critics (The Skanner)
TV personality Tavis Smiley and Princeton Professor Cornel West have taken a licking as they near the end of their 18-city Poverty Tour, which included stops in Washington, D.C. And Chicago.
“Golden Thirteen” Naval Officer Park Dedication (The Indianapolis Star)
Members of the Navy salute the American flag during the start of the park dedication service for Lt.

College-Bound Students Not Prepared in Basic Subjects (WLTI-FM Syracuse)
Only one in four college-bound high school graduates is adequately prepared for college-level English, reading, math, and science, according to report released Wednesday by the ACT college admissions test.

Out of Time: 10 Notable Movie Anachronisms
Out of Time: 10 Notable Movie Anachronisms (Houston Press)
Don’t know if you’ve seen Captain America: The First Avenger yet . If so, you may have noticed a little historical revisionism, namely the presence of African-American troops fighting alongside whites .
Thousands Of African-American Would-Be Firefighters To Collect Damages (CBS Local)
Thousands of African-Americans passed over by the Chicago Fire Department will collect damages under a judgment that reportedly will be approved later Wednesday.

Dangerous Dialysis for African Americans (WIAT-TV Birmingham)
New research questions the validity of kidney dialysis beliefs. For years, medical studies have suggested that African-American patients experience a better recovery on kidney dialysis than their white counterparts.