‘Taste Trolley’ Samples East Harlem Fare

‘Taste Trolley’ Samples East Harlem Fare

August 25, 2011 6:15pm | By Jeff Mays, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

The East Harlem “Taste Trolley” will shuttle eaters among 10 neighborhood restaurants on Sept. 29. (Raphael Benavides)

HARLEM — Last year’s East Harlem “Taste Trolley” was so delicious, organizers decided to do it twice in 2011.

The first trolley will tour 10 neighborhood restaurants on Sept. 29 and then again on a date to be determined during the holiday season, said organizer Raphael Benavides, owner of the Poets Den Gallery & Theater.

“Everybody has been calling us to ask when are we going to do the trolley again,” Benavides said. “This has become a fun event that people look forward to.”

The tour, in its third year, is designed to bring attention to El Barrio’s growing and diversifying restaurant scene. It costs $25 to hop on and off and sample the restaurants’ specialities.

“People are unaware of how many great restaurants we have. Maybe they know one or two but that’s all,” said Benavides. “By doing events like this we let them know there are many great places to go.”

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