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African-American – News September 2, 2011

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Click to read:Va. city restricts Confederate flag use
Click to read:Va. City restricts Confederate flag use (CBS News)
Officials in the rural Virginia city where Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson are buried voted late Thursday to prohibit the flying of the Confederate flag on city-owned poles.
Activist Accepts Katt Williams’ Apology For Anti-Mexican Rant (KTVU Oakland)
An Arizona civil rights activist says he accepts Katt Williams’ apology for an anti-Mexican rant during a comedy show in Phoenix last weekend, but he’s calling on the comedian to return to the city to “show his commitment to the Latino community.” “What he said was borderline hate speech and racially offensive,” said Rev.

MSNBC finally gets it right It’s Al Sharpton in the evenings; with Morning Joe in the mornings (L.A. Watts Times)
Though some label him controversial, over the years Rev. Al Sharpton has moved skillfully into the mainstream of public discourse: on radio, public debates, rallies, the pulpit – and now as the host of his own show on MSNBC.

Rick Perry's furious effort to court Christian leaders
Rick Perry’s furious effort to court Christian leaders (WPHL Philadelphia)
As Rick Perry ‘s presidential campaign moves forward, he is devoting enormous energy to wooing religious conservatives, including participating last weekend in a two-day retreat with evangelical leaders on a remote Texas ranch.
Dispatches from Civil War African-American Unit Now Available at TSLA (Chattanoogan)
This ongoing statewide project, in honor of Tennessee’s Civil War Sesquicentennial, allows for the digitization of historic family documents and artifacts for public access and educational use.

SERIOUSLY? Glenn Beck believes African-Americans should be called ‘colored’ in rant (NY Daily News)
The conservative radio host questioned the use of “African-American” on his Tuesday show, arguing “colored” or “black” is more appropriate.