It was never meant to be a recording.

Some back up singers were fooling around in
The studio one day while the recorder was running.

And the rest is popular American music history.



Ken McCarthy
Founder, Jazz on the Tube



From Harlem to the United Nations… Millions March On… September 20, 2011

From Harlem to the United Nations

Stop the Attack on African People!

Rally at the United Nations
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 4 PM
At 47th Street & 1st Ave.

Past the word… Pan-Africanism or Perish… Now or Never!

The UN General Assembly will take place at this time. The heads of state from every country will be in attendance.

For more information (718) 398-1766
December 12th Movement International Secretariat
Millions March in Harlem Coalition





African-American – News

African-American – News September 18, 2011

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YMCA hosts Worldwide Day of Play (The Orlando Sentinel)
Myles Vaughn confronted Goliath, a 40-foot-high rock-climbing wall at the YMCA Camp Wewa.

Community leader honored at Dallas park rededication
Community leader honored at Dallas park rededication (WFAA-TV Dallas)
A man known as the voice of the African-American community in Dallas has a new place in local history.
Hiring of white woman to help oversee Africville Heritage Trust sparks uproar (900 CHML AM)
The hiring of a white woman as executive director of the Africville Heritage Trust, a body created to redress the destruction of a Halifax-area black community in the 1960s, has generated a polarizing debate on race.

Male teachers are a rarity in classrooms (StarNewsOnline)
Chuck Gore retired from the Navy as a commander after 24 years, but he took his nautical love into his second-grade classroom at Carolina Beach Elementary School when he entered his next career as a teacher.

Anthony Bean's retrospective of African-American theater in New...
Anthony Bean’s retrospective of African-American theater in New… (The Times-Picayune)
Before Anthony Bean was a fifty-something impresario of one of New Orleans most visible theater companies, he was a late teen/twenty-something artistic provocateur suggesting – rather audaciously at the time – that African-Americans deserved an equal spot at the theatrical dinner table.
Why the GOP Fails to Reach the Black Community (Pajamas Media)
In 2008, 96 percent of black voters pulled the lever for Barack Obama. His current approval rating in the black community shows a possible, albeit slim, vulnerability – one that Florida Congressman Allen West is ready to exploit.

The New Civil Rights Leaders (American Spectator)
Quick: Who are the nation’s most relevant civil rights leaders? Neither Jesse Jackson nor Al Sharpton fit the bill.