Sentencing Shift Gives New Leverage to Prosecutors


Sentencing Shift Gives New Leverage to Prosecutors


Empowered by years of tough sentencing-law changes in state legislatures and Congress, prosecutors have more muscle to extract guilty pleas from defendants and avoid trial.



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African-American – News September 26, 2011

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Obama tells Blacks to 'stop complainin' and fight
Obama tells Blacks to ‘stop complainin’ and fight (KYTV Springfield)
In a fiery summons to an important voting bloc, President Barack Obama told blacks on Saturday to quit crying and complaining and “put on your marching shoes” to follow him into battle for jobs and opportunity.
CBC members react to Obama’s speech on jobs, the black community (CNN)
In a fiery speech at the Congressional Black Caucus awards dinner, President Obama challenged Republicans in Congress to show they care about job creation and was roundly cheered for showing he’s “going to fight” to fire up his supporters in a battle to “save the country.” As he has done frequently in the weeks since he introduced the American Jobs … (more)

Springfield NAACP President Talbert W. Swan II outlines priorities (Free Republic)
Following the June 28 election that brought new officers into the fold, the Springfield branch of the NAACP is focusing its attention on five key areas to promote its agenda of equality.

Provocative Bakesale Incites Debate over Racism (WLTI-FM Syracuse)
An “Increase Diversity” bake sale planned by a group of students in Berkley, Calif., in which the price of baked goods will depend on the buyer’s gender and race is drawing cries of racism, which is just what the organizers say they wanted.

Controversy erupts over Campus Republicans bake sale plans
Controversy erupts over Campus Republicans bake sale plans (CNN)
Campus Republicans at the University of California Berkeley have cooked up a storm of controversy with their plans for a bake sale.