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African-American – News October 8, 2011

Rev. Jesse Jackson celebrates 70th birthday (KWQC-TV Davenport)
Civil rights activist the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. Is celebrating his 70th birthday Saturday and his Rainbow PUSH Coalition is celebrating by rekindling the spirit of the War on Poverty.

Minority women have higher risk of breast cancer
Minority women have higher risk of breast cancer (KSDK NewsChannel 5)
Cancer can strike earlier and be more deadly in minority women, especially African-Americans. But doctors and breast cancer survivors are trying to change those numbers.
Year of Alabama Music: W.C. Handy (Alabama Live)
Claim to fame: Known as “Father of the Blues.” Introduced 12-bar blues and presented it on sheet music.

Decision nears on fate of freed-slave sculpture (Indianapolis Business News)
Indianapolis Cultural Trail founder Brian Payne is walking a public relations tightrope, and it has nothing to do with the seemingly endless construction downtown.

Racial flap more about old South than Perry, expert says
Racial flap more about old South than Perry, expert says (CNN)
In a statement, Perry’s communications director Ray Sullivan said “a number of claims made in the story are incorrect, inconsistent, and anonymous, including the implication that Rick Perry brought groups to the lease when the word on the rock was still visible.” Sullivan added that the one consistent fact in the story is that “the word on the rock … (more)
African-American artifacts from Comstock to be displayed in Ore. (Nevada Appeal)
Four of the most significant artifacts from a 2001 excavation of a Nevada saloon are headed to Oregon to be part of an exhibit.

FAHI aims to buy Imperial site (Martinsville Bulletin)
The Fayette Area Historical Initiative is raising funds to buy the former Imperial Savings & Loan Association Building to house a museum.

Contraceptive In Africa Double Risk of H.I.V (nytimes)
The most popular contraceptive for women in eastern and southern Africa, a hormone shot given every three months, appears to double the risk the women will become infected with H.I.V. , according to a large study published Monday. The findings potentially present an alarming quandary for women in Africa. Hundreds of thousands of them suffer injuries, bleeding, infections and even death in childbirth from unintended pregnancies. Finding affordable and convenient contraceptives is a pressing goal for international health authorities. But many countries where pregnancy rates are highest are also ravaged by H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS. So the evidence suggesting that the injectable contraceptive has biological properties that may make women and men more vulnerable to H.I.V. Infection is particularly troubling. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU TRUST MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS TO INJECT YOU WITH DRUGS. THE CULLING OF THE HERD.

State Rep.: Martin Luther King Jr. Day Doesn't Count as...
State Rep.: Martin Luther King Jr. Day Doesn’t Count as… (Broward-Palm Beach)
In 1994, then-Gov. Lawton Chiles signed into law a statute that requires Florida high school kids be taught about the Holocaust and the history of black Americans.
The Critical Partnership (City News Ohio)
Now, more than ever, a strong partnership is needed between The National Newspaper Publishers Association and the National Association of Black Journalists – this strategic alliance will help to ensure our independence as we pursue our common goals.