Occupy Oakland Movement…

They do it all the time these days, send in cops to pose as
Protesters and incite crimes and violence among peaceful protests
To discredit and marginalize the movement as a whole.

It’s called false flag, it’s deceptive and wrong, and it should be
Illegal, but we catch them doing it all the time.

Check out these cops trying to infiltrate the Occupy Oakland


– Brasscheck

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African-American – News

African-American – News November 5, 2011

First-Time Divorce Rate Tied To Education, Race (MediLexicon)
New research from the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University shows there is substantial variation in the first-time divorce rate when it is broken down by race and education.

Two Blacks addicted to Koch (Daily Kos)
The Koch brothers have tried to select leaders for the Black community for years.

Why Is Candidate Cain Playing 'The Race Card' In His Sex Scandal When He Said Racism Was Over-rated?
Why Is Candidate Cain Playing ‘The Race Card’ In His Sex Scandal When He Said Racism Was Over-rated? (All Voices)
Sexual harassment allegations against him from one woman has now evolved to 3 women and his handlers must not have prepared him for this kind of glaring negative spotlight for he is seen mixing metaphors and singing hymns on podiums, snapping testily at reporters, having amnesia during some interviews while magically remembering said details on … (more)
Ethics committee to investigate Rep. Richardson (KMPH-TV Fresno)
Rep. Laura Richardson charged Friday the House Ethics Committee has singled her out for scrutiny because she’s African-American. Richardson, D-Calif., effectively announced the committee’s investigation before the panel revealed it, accusing fellow lawmakers of ignoring wrongdoing by others in order to focus on her.

Nashville convention center work awarded to minorities tops goals (The Tennessean)
Glass was installed on the front of the Music City Center in early September. The convention center is 52 percent complete.

New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra celebrates African-American musical heritage
New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra celebrates African-American musical heritage (The Jersey Journal)
The New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra presents a new work by Nigerian-American composer, Nkeiru Okoye as part of its program, “Classically Black,” tomorrow at the Crossroads Theatre.
Congressional Dems seek to curb tough state voter-screening laws (Tri-cityherald)
Democrats on Thursday ratcheted up efforts to combat new voting laws adopted by 13 states that Democrats contend are deliberate efforts to keep its core voting blocs from casting ballots next year.