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African-American – News December 7, 2011

Remember those who died at Pearl Harbor on this Day!

NAACP Taking Complaints About U.S. Voter Laws to United Nations
NAACP Taking Complaints About U.S. Voter Laws to United Nations (Free Republic)
The NAACP is calling on the United Nations to intervene as it claims state governments are colluding to “block the vote” for minority communities ahead of the 2012 election — a charge those governments vehemently deny.
Voter watchdogs: Republicans are the real election frauds (The Raw Story)
Election watchdogs on Tuesday accused Republicans – who have been adamant about the need to fight voter fraud – of being the real frauds after a former Republican governor’s aide was found guilty of voter suppression.

Rep. Pence Claims Abortion Is The Leading Cause Of Death In The Black Community (ThinkProgress)
Rep. Mike Pence joined several of his Republican colleagues today in touting proposed legislation that would ban physicians from performing abortions based on the fetus’s race or sex .

Negro Creek will remain in Calif Gold Rush county (KMPH-TV Fresno)
Negro Creek in Nevada County will keep its name, after officials voted down a proposal to change it to something a local resident thought would be kinder.

NAACP Decries “James Crow Esq.” (MotherJones)
State-level voting restrictions are an attempt to suppress the minority vote and prevent them from exercising political influence, according to a report released by the NAACP and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund Monday.

State pols dismiss NAACP claims over new voting laws (WSTM-TV Syracuse)
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NAACP Turns To United Nations For Anti-Voter Suppression Help
NAACP Turns To United Nations For Anti-Voter Suppression Help (WDBZ-AM Cincinnati)
The largest civil rights group in America, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People , is petitioning the UN over what it sees as a concerted efforted to disenfranchise black and Latino voters ahead of next year’s presidential election.
BET Sets Cain Interview (Multichannel News)
BET will air its interview with former Republican Presidential nominee Herman Cain on Dec.





* Gov. Andrew Cuomo relied on aide Andrew Zambelli to poll New Yorkers about the prospect of new taxes before pushing his tax deal, the Wall Street Journal reports:

* Indian casino owners promise to fight the tax deals push to legalize gambling in New York, saying polls show the public is on their side, the Buffalo News says:

* Science Applications International Corp. Expects to repay New York City at least $232 million for its role in the CityTime fiasco, and reported a $17 million loss for the third quarter, the Post says:

* New York City will expand a pilot program with $2.4 million for financial counselors to help struggling New Yorkers get out of debt, the Wall Street Journal reports:

* Sen. Marty Golden and Assemblyman Peter Abbate held fundraisers at the Public Employee Conference, which the Post describes as 300 labor bosses whooping it up in sunny Puerto Rico on a union-paid junket:

* The tiny central New York village of Altmar voted 54 to 40 to dissolve itself by June 2013, 200 years after it was first settled, the Syracuse Post-Standard reports:

VETO THE MAIL ORDER PHARMACY BILL: The Mail Order Pharmacy Bill currently before Governor Cuomo will hurt New York businesses and consumers. The Federal Trade Commission, Business Council of New York, National Federation of Independent Businesses, NYS AFL-CIO, American Postal Workers Union and the N.Y. Times all agree: A.5502 is a bad deal for New Yorkers. Medical costs are already skyrocketing; A.5502 will increase prescription drug costs by 10 percent. Go to and tell Governor Cuomo to veto A.5502.




Rene reunited with his father the day of his release on Oct. 7th!

Sat. Dec. 10th, 2011 2pm-4pm
Casa de Las Americas
182 E. 111th St.(btwn. Lexington Ave. And 3rd Ave.)

Take the 6 train to E. 110th St.

Suggested Donation: $5-10 (no one will be turned away)

On Friday Oct. 7th, Rene Gonzalez of the Cuban 5 was released on parole and returned to Miami, where Cuban 5s unjust trial took place! The Cuban 5 are five U.S. Held political prisoners incarcerated for fighting against terrorism in the United States and Cuba.

Miami is a city full of right wing anti-revolutionary Cuban Americans who could harm Rene. He has not seen his wife in 13 years, has no family in Miami and is being forced to spend the next three years there to serve his parole, instead of going back home to Cuba.

Join The Popular Education Project to Free the Cuban 5 for our Artist benefit for Rene Gonzalez. Our goal is to raise money for his transition from prison to the outside.

Let Rene know that New York City loves him! Come out and enjoy this amazing afternoon of art, food, and film!


Papoleto Melendez

Sandra Maria Estevez

Louis Reyes Rivera

Americo Casiano Jr.

The Film: Will the real terrorist please stand up by Saul Landau:
This film chronicles half a century of hostile US-Cuba relations by telling the story of the the Cuban five, intelligence agents sent to penetrate Cuban exile terrorist groups in Miami and now serving long prison sentences. The film highlights decades of assassinations and sabotage at first backed then ignored by the very government that launched a war against terrorism. In the film, viewers see leading terrorists, now in their 80s, recounting their deeds, and Cuban state security officials explaining why they infiltrated agents into violent Miami exile groups. The film, featuring Danny Glover and 84 year old Fidel Castro in key scenes, raises and tries to answer the question: what did Cuba do to deserve such hostile treatment?


Parents Protest School’s Expansion In Building That Houses Three Others

Parents Protest School’s Expansion In Building That Houses Three Others

Parents of students who attend the Talented and Gifted school in Harlem protested on the steps of the Department of Education Tuesday over a proposed expansion of one of the three other schools that shares the same building.

Parents Protest School’s Expansion In Building That Houses Three Others
Wed, 07 Dec 2011 03:57:23 GMT

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What The Hell??? The Government Has Been Testing AIDS Drugs On Foster Kids For The Last Two Decades Without The Proper Protective Measures

What The Hell??? The Government Has Been Testing AIDS Drugs On Foster Kids For The Last Two Decades Without The Proper Protective Measures

Dr. exam kid

SMH… Somebody has to protect these kids.

Government-funded researchers tested AIDS drugs on hundreds of foster children over the past two decades, often without providing them a basic protection afforded in federal law and required by some states, an Associated Press review has found.

The research funded by the National Institutes of Health spanned the country. It was most widespread in the 1990s as foster care agencies sought treatments for their HIV-infected children that weren’t yet available in the marketplace.

The practice ensured that foster children — mostly poor or minority — received care from world-class researchers at government expense, slowing their rate of death and extending their lives. But it also exposed a vulnerable population to the risks of medical research and drugs that were known to have serious side effects in adults and for which the safety for children was unknown.

The research was conducted in at least seven states — Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Colorado and Texas — and involved more than four dozen different studies. The foster children ranged from infants to late teens, according to interviews and government records.

Several studies that enlisted foster children reported patients suffered side effects such as rashes, vomiting and sharp drops in infection-fighting blood cells as they tested antiretroviral drugs to suppress AIDS or other medicines to treat secondary infections.

In one study, researchers reported a “disturbing” higher death rate among children who took higher doses of a drug. That study was unable to determine a safe and effective dosage.

The government provided special protections for child wards in 1983. They required researchers and their oversight boards to appoint independent advocates for any foster child enrolled in a narrow class of studies that involved greater than minimal risk and lacked the promise of direct benefit. Some foster agencies required the protection regardless of risks and benefits.

Advocates must be independent of the foster care and research agencies, have some understanding of medical issues and “act in the best interests of the child” for the entirety of the research, the law states.

However, researchers and foster agencies told AP that foster children in AIDS drug trials often weren’t given such advocates even though research institutions many times promised to do so to gain access to the children.

Illinois officials believe none of their nearly 200 foster children in AIDS studies got independent monitors even though researchers signed a document guaranteeing “the appointment of an advocate for each individual ward participating in the respective medical research.”

New York City could find records showing 142 — less than a third — of the 465 foster children in AIDS drug trials got such monitors even though city policy required them. The city has asked an outside firm to investigate.

Likewise, research facilities including Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore said they concluded they didn’t provide advocates for foster kids.

Some states declined to participate in medical experiments. Tennessee said its foster care rules generally prohibit enlisting children in such trials. California requires a judge’s order. And Wisconsin “has absolutely never allowed, nor would we even consider, any clinical experiments with the children in our foster care system,” spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis said.

Officials estimated that 5 percent to 10 percent of the 13,878 children enrolled in pediatric AIDS studies funded by NIH since the late 1980s were in foster care. More than two dozen Illinois foster children remain in studies today.

Some foster children died during studies, but state or city agencies said they could find no records that any deaths were directly caused by experimental treatments.

We can understand wanting the kids to get the best care but we don’t need what happened in Tuskegee to ever happen again.

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What The Hell??? The Government Has Been Testing AIDS Drugs On Foster Kids For The Last Two Decades Without The Proper Protective Measures
Wed, 07 Dec 2011 13:39:22 GMT

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