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African-American – News December 8, 2011

Census: Widening income gap as blacks leave cities
Census: Widening income gap as blacks leave cities (York Dispatch)
Affluent black Americans who are leaving industrial cities for the suburbs and the South are shifting traditional lines between rich and poor, according to new census data.
NAACP: Restrictive laws ‘assault’ Americans’ voting rights (Wave Newspapers)
The voting rights of minorities, students, the poor, the elderly and the disabled are threatened by a concerted campaign to restrict access to the polls, according to a report released by the NAACP and NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

“Trek Nation” When Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura met Dr. Martin Luther King (The Skanner)
Do you wonder what is your role in service to the community? We are often blind to the role we already play to our community.

Swing States – Blacks, Latinos still fired up (Politico)
African-American and Hispanic voters in swing states still back President Barack Obama by overwhelming margins and are motivated to go to the polls – but Latino support rates are lagging behind 2008, according to a poll of likely voters 11 battleground states conducted by Brilliant Corners research and obtained by POLITICO.

The NAACP exposes voter suppression schemes | Kay Dilday (Guardian Unlimited)
There is scant evidence of ‘voter fraud’, yet under that pretext states are trying to return us to a pre-Civil Rights era America The NAACP will be sending a delegation to the United Nations Commissioner of Human Rights alleging a concerted effort to deny voting rights to black and Hispanic Americans.