Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson Eyeing Historic Lenox Lounge

Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson Eyeing Historic Lenox Lounge

December 19, 2011 7:20am | By Jeff Mays, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

The Lenox Lounge, considered a Harlem icon, is up for lease for $20,000 per month starting in February. (joseph a/flickr)

HARLEM—The Lenox Lounge and its historic Zebra Room may soon be changing its stripes.

The iconic Harlem landmark, located at 288 Lenox Avenue between 124th and 125th streets since 1939, has hosted jazz greats such as Billie Holiday, Miles Davis and John Coltrane and is up for lease.

The 2,250 square foot Art Deco lounge can be had for a cool $20,500 per month starting in February, according to a listing by Walker Malloy & Company.

Sources close to the deal also say that celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, who operates the popular Red Rooster Harlem just a block away, has expressed interest in the space.

Celebrity Chef and owner of Red Rooster Harlem Marcus Samuelsson may be interested in the Lenox Lounge space. (DNAinfo/Jeff Mays)

The current lease, which the owner is not renewing, is below market value, according to a source close to the transaction who asked not be named because of the sensitive nature of the negotiations.

“It is getting a lot of attention from restaurants that want to expand,” said the source. “It’s an iconic establishment that has been there forever. The Lenox Lounge speaks for itself.”

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