President Obama Signs Indefinite Detention Into Law

Happy New Year! Assume the position!

Today is Milt’s day

Today is a very special birthday tribute as it marks the four year
Birthday of Jazz On The Tube.

Thank you for helping us get here.

Of course, on our birthday we’ll do what we love to do best.
Celebrate the great Jazz musicians and all they have given us.

Today is Milt’s day.



– Lester Perkins
Jazz on the Tube


African-American – News

African-American – News January 1, 2012

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Southern Baptists could make history with first African-American president
Southern Baptists could make history with first African-American president (The Tennessean)
Religion may play a prominent role in the 2012 presidential election, especially for Republicans.
Voter IDs – Helping Citizens Get Photo ID Card – Brenda Williams … (AARP)
When Brenda C. Williams, M.D., a family practitioner in Sumter, S.C., heard last year that the state legislature would require voters to show a government-issued photo ID, she smelled trouble.

New essays by Shange continue to astound (Austin American-Statesman)
Most people, if they have heard of her at all, know Ntozake Shange only as the author of the play “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf,” which was a raging hit on Broadway in the mid-1970s, when Shange was only in her 20s.

Mosaic Templars to unveil new additions to African American art collection (KTHV-TV Little Rock)
“Kuumba” means to do as much as we can to leave our communities more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited.

Organizer urges continued celebration of Kwanzaa (Lake Wales News)
PHOTO BY STEVE STEINER Wanda Howard, left, looks on as Tashoy Grimes, 9, reads from the program explaining what Kwanzaa is about.

Holder's Race-Baiting is about Obama's Re-Election, Not Voting Rights (Free Republic)
Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has launched an all-out war on voter-ID laws and other measures to safeguard to the electoral process.

Voter ID laws do not discriminate (The Baltimore Sun)
Is there, or should there ever be, a point when a state is no longer penalized for its discriminatory past? Not according to the Department of Justice, which recently rejected a South Carolina law that would have required voters to show a valid photo ID before casting their ballots.