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African-American – News January 5, 2012

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Santorum Denies Controversial Remark
Santorum Denies Controversial Remark (TheBostonChannel)
Rick Santorum said Wednesday he was “tongue-tied” this weekend and didn’t actually say a word that has sparked a firestorm among some in the African-American community.
First Class Citizens: “In the Life” Honors LGBT Pioneers (EDGE)
Public television stations across the country will begin airing First Class Citizens, an episode of the award-winning documentary series IN THE LIFE honoring the groundbreaking work of pioneers in the pursuit of LGBT civil rights.

George Lucas flies solo with ‘Red Tails’ (Wausau Daily Herald)
NICASIO, Calif. — George Lucas is many imposing things. Billionaire lord of a sci-if empire.

Three issues that could decide the election (Bangor Daily News)
Does Iowa matter? Maybe, maybe not. My advice in the weeks to come: Don’t let the giddiness of the campaign coverage distract from what will really matter.

‘Life Upon These Shores’ good starting point for African-American history (Star-Telegram)
Henry Louis Gates Jr. Writes, “I set out to picture African-American history, to find a new way of looking at its full sweep.

N.C. GOP: It should be easier for state to kill black men (Creative Loafing)
In November, the New Bosses in the N.C. General Assembly voted to repeal the 2009 Racial Justice Act, which allows judges in death penalty cases to consider statistical evidence of historic racial bias.

SPOTLIGHT: Central Ill. History museum gets start (WSTC-AM Norwalk)
Last week’s Kwanzaa celebration on the second floor of the National Museum of Surveying building at 521 E. Washington St.

Attorney Files Suit Against Tripler, Describes Racism, Harassment
Attorney Files Suit Against Tripler, Describes Racism, Harassment (KITV-TV)
Ten former and current employees of Tripler Army Medical Center are suing the U.S. Army and Department of Defense.





* Cuomo joked in an interview with the New York Times about being in Iowa in four years for the next presidential caucuses, but noted he wouldnt be doing what he is doing now if he were thinking of running for president:

* Experts questioned whether Cuomos plan to build a super-sized convention center in Queens would succeed, given the declining profitability of convention centers across the country, the Times says:

* Nonetheless, the Cuomo administration has already quietly inked an agreement for the convention center with Genting New York, the operator of the Aqueduct racino in Queens, the Daily News reports:

* Cuomos speech, which called for billions of dollars of spending on infrastructure projects, was designed to bolster his support among the states powerful but shrinking construction trades, the New York Posts Fred Dicker writes:

* Legislators responded optimistically to Cuomos speech, even as they questioned the dollar amounts and his avoidance of certain intractable issues, the Times-Union reports:

* Despite his second federal indictment for corruption, Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. Says he plans to introduce 15 new bills in Albany starting next week, the Post says:


Harlem Liquor Store Nervous After Nixing Bulletproof Glass To Placate Gentrifiers


Harlem Liquor Store Nervous After Nixing Bulletproof Glass To Placate Gentrifiers Some of the more, shall we say, refined residents of the Mount Morris Park Historic District in East Central Harlem were recently mortified when a new wine shop opened up with bulletproof glass and garish neon signage that would make the Whore of Babylon blush. This kind of thing may fly over in Northeast Central Harlem, but this is the MMPHD, people! As the president of the local community improvement association, Syderia Chresfield, told DNAinfo at the time, “It brings down everything we are trying to build up. I don’t like to use the word ghetto, but that’s what it is.” And so, after a lot of hassle, the owner has transformed the ghetto into fabulous. But is he a sitting duck? [ more › ]
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Harlem Liquor Store Nervous After Nixing Bulletproof Glass To Placate Gentrifiers
John Del Signore
Wed, 04 Jan 2012 23:30:00 GMT