CUOMOS AGENDA FACES LATINO PUSHBACK: Leaders of Latino community groups pushed back hard on Gov. Andrew Cuomos second-year agenda at a State of the State event in Manhattan last week, criticizing his budget cuts, transportation plan, education strategy and Medicaid approach:


* Gov. Andrew Cuomos budget will include a pension reform plan that covers New York City workers, police and firefighters, forcing them to choose between enrolling in a 401(k) or a pension plan with less generous benefits, the Daily News reports:

* New Yorks teacher unions will have one month to agree to a teacher evaluation plan before Cuomo writes his own plan into the states budget, the Post reports:

* While Cuomos budget will seek to reduce government funded pension plans for employees, it is unclear if he will address state takeover of Medicaid costs, a major concern of those calling for mandate relief, Buffalo News Tom Precious writes:

* City Comptroller John Liu disapproves of a $10 million no-bid contract that would pay a News Corp. Affiliate run by former schools chancellor Joel Klein to track student test scores, the Daily News writes:

* Contract negotiations between the MTA and Transit Workers Union Local 100 are stalling as the union seeks wage increases pegged to inflation, the Journal reports:

* The Occupy Wall Street movement has nearly spent more than $700,000 in donations it received last fall, and its monetary support is drying up, the Wall Street Journal writes: