HOSPITALS LOOKING TO BYPASS CUOMOS NONPROFIT PAY CAP: Gov. Andrew Cuomos plan to cap non-profit executive compensation at $200000 may hit some New York hospital CEOs directly in the pocketbook unless they can show good reasons for taking home their six and seven-figure salaries:


* New York City Comptroller John Lius campaign donations have dropped almost half a million dollarsan index of how much a fundraising scandal has hurt his mayoral campaignthe New York Times reports:

* Cuomos proposal to move some public employees into a 401(k)-style program may be a hard sell in Albanybut if passedNew York would become one of a dozen states that uses the modelthe Wall Street Journal writes:

* In an editorial board meeting with the New York PostMayor Michael Bloomberg claims the UFT doesnt care about losing potential education funds if a teacher evaluation system isnt implemented:

* Cuomos teacher evaluation reforms and new pension tier would likely not have been proposed in the budget without former Gov. David Patersons pioneering use of budget extenders to threaten government shutdownthe Times Union reports:

*Cuomos plans include the creation of a new state gaming commission whose members he can appoint himselfthe Times Union writes:

*Muskrats and the Surf Clam/Ocean Quahog Management Advisory Boardone a nuisancethe other obsoleteare big losers in this years budgetBuffalo News Tom Precious writes: