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Harlem – News January 26, 2012

PERFORMANCE/TOUR: Jambalaya Brass Band Returns to Dinosour Bar-B-Que (NYC) on February 17 (All About Jazz)
New York, NYJambalaya Brass Band will be performing in celebration of their hit CD release It’s a Jungle Out There on Friday, February 17, 2012 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM at Harlem’s world-renowned Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in NYC.



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I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves. — Harriet Tubman

African-American – News January 26, 2012

In Sharpton Promo, MSNBC Lumps Republican Tax Policy With 'Back-of-the-Bus' Racism
In Sharpton Promo, MSNBC Lumps Republican Tax Policy With ‘Back-of-the-Bus’ Racism (NewsBusters)
It’s one thing for Al Sharpton to spout racialized politics on his MSNBC show every evening.
Report: Missouri leads nation in homicides among African-Americans (KSDK-TV Saint Louis)
Missouri has the nation’s highest black homicide rate for the second straight year, according to newly-released data.

Shabazz inspires crowd at MLK Convocation (NJ)
Ilyasah Shabazz , daughter of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz , delivered the keynote address at the MLK Awards and Convocation Thursday, Jan.

Ocean County judge accused of making sexual advances at party (Asbury Park Press Online)
SBR Tire Exchange in Manahawkin, NJ is here for all of your car and truck care needs.

KU professor contends nation’s first civil rights organization blazed way for NAACP (University of Kansas)
Ask history students to name the nation’s first civil rights organization, and most will answer with the NAACP, formed in 1909, or possibly the Niagara Movement of 1905.

Sheila Jackson Lee: Voter ID Law Supporters ‘Misrepresent’ Voter Fraud in 2008 Election (TheBlaze)
On Monday night t he Congressional Black Caucus went to the House floor toA discuss state voter ID laws suggesting thatA legislationA requiring someone to have governmentA identificationA on hand in order to vote, was a means to possibly keep minorities away from the polls and in doing so hinder President Barack Obama’sA reelection.




SEN. RUBEN DIAZ SR. WANTS HIS MEMBER ITEMS: The outspoken Bronx Democrat said he wants to dump Minority Leader John Sampson for failing to protect his right to direct member items to his district: http://bit.ly/xRYoOm


* The Manhattan district attorney is investigating a rape allegation against Greg Kelly, the son of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and a local TV anchor, an accusation he denies, the New York Times reports: http://nyti.ms/ztHsTN

* State Senate Republicans are redrawing district maps that would pit key Democratic Sen. Michael Gianaris against a fellow Democrat, and merge two other Queens seats held by Democrats, the Daily News notes: http://nydn.us/xGm65I

* Gov. Andrew Cuomo is prodding Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the UFT to reach an agreement on teacher evaluations, including whether the schools chancellor has final say over appeals, the Wall Street Journal reports: http://on.wsj.com/xn0RvV

* A study shows New York City students at small public high schools are more likely to graduate than those at larger schools, findings in line with the Bloomberg administrations push for small schools, the Times writes: http://nyti.ms/wK5msP

* The MTA is modifying a contract on its East Side Access project in an effort to cut two years from the excavation work and reduce but not completely eliminate project delays, the Journal writes: http://on.wsj.com/x5uxIq

* New York City teachers drank alcohol between class and lied about their income to get subsidized housing, and one slapped a student, yet all kept their jobs last year, showing how hard it is to remove some bad teachers, the Post finds: http://nyp.st/xxnQ1E