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Harlem – News

Harlem – News February 13, 2012

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Harry Belafonte gets fired up at St. Sabina (Chicago Sun-Times)
It was both a walk down memory lane and a call to action when singer, actor, civil rights activist and international humanitarian Harry Belafonte spoke at St.

Investigators seek answers to Houston’s death (Connecticut Post)
In this Sept. 1, 2009 file photo, singer Whitney Houston, right, sings with her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown during a performance on ‘Good Morning America’ in Central Park in New York.

The Apollo and NYC Remembers Whitney Houston
The Apollo and NYC Remembers Whitney Houston (WBAV-FM Charlotte)
The world famous APOLLO Theater in Harlem and New Yorkers paid respect last night to Whitney Houston’s passing.


TheBlackList Why Tom Joyner is GLAAD

Why Tom Joyner is GLAAD

February 13, 2012

Raynard Jackson

Last week I wrote a column entitled, Roland Martin Is Not GLAAD. In that column, I discussed the unfair treatment of TV personality, Roland Martin.

I thought I was finished writing about this issue and was prepared to move on. But, after receiving tons of phone calls, voicemails, and emails about Tom Joyners Letter to Roland: Make It Right, I feel compelled to make another comment about the Martin affair (http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=blog_inner/37029/1573138/The%20Fly%20Jock).

There are so many more important things we should be discussing, but I cant let Roland be thrown under the bus alone.

In his letter to Roland, Joyner states in part, his radio shows goal is to entertain and empower black people.

Oh, really? Joyner is the same person who wrote in his blog on July 1. 2011, About a month ago, I wrote a blog about Tavis Smiley and decided to table it because I said some things I didnt want to publish. Youre probably thinking I went too hard on him, but no. In reality, I hadnt gone hard enough – and I knew it. I said Id wait until something pissed me off so bad that I would have the words harsh enough to express what I was really feeling about him and his side piece[emphasis added]- I mean side kick – Cornel West. Let me explain this to my non Black readers.

Remember, in my column last week I quoted linguist, S.I. Hayakaw as saying, meanings are in people, not in words.

When Joyner called Cornel West Tavis side piece, it meant they were sexual partners, in other words, they were gay! GLAAD didnt utter one word when Joyner made this statement. Joyner was implying that there was something wrong with this. Where was the gay outrage at this insinuation?

Lets cut through all the clutter and get to what this debate is really all about. This has little to do with Roland Martinhe is just a convenient punching bag. This is about gays trying to force their views on society. They have not been able to do it through the law, so they just use good ole fashioned extortion and fear.

They have snookered Black ministers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton into equating gay rights with civil rights. They have groups like the NAACP spending more time fighting for gay rights than they do for civil rights.

If this is about understanding, why do we hear so much silence? Liberal groups like the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) went so far as to issue a press release asking CNN to hire one of their members while Roland is on suspension! Yes, you heard right! Roland is a two time national board member and a life member of the group and as opposed to trying to support one of their own, they seek to replace Roland with one of their other members. According to NABJs press release, In lieu of his presence on CNN, until this matter is resolved, we encourage the network to continue to present a diverse offering of voices in its programming.” Roland, with friends like these, you definitely dont need any enemies.

So, in the spirit of understanding, I have a few questions for Joyner and CNN.

Tom, in your letter, you said you were head of the family. So, as head of the family, have you had a direct conversation with Roland since this issue surfaced? Why would you put out your statement on Friday, when Roland had already apologized and agreed to meet with GLAAD? What was the purpose of the letter after 5 days of silence? Did it really take you that long to think of a statement, or did GLAAD force your hand like the rest of the liberal Black community? You further state that Roland should make a sincere apology. Can you tell me what that looks like? Who will decide if Roland is sincere? I am having a difficult time finding your apology to Tavis and Cornel for calling them gay. Can you post that on your site for us to read? Remember, you said in your letter to Roland, the job of the offender is simply to apologize and learn a lesson about what to say or do going forward.

CNN, especially Mark Whitaker I have a few questions for you also. Whitaker is Executive Vice President and managing editor for CNN Worldwide (and is also the highest ranking Black in the network). In your statement you say, language that demeans is inconsistent with the values and culture of our organization. Can you tell me exactly who Roland demeaned and how? Can you define for me what the values and culture of your organization is? Have you given Roland the courtesy of a direct conversation with you before the suspension? Now that Roland has agreed to meet with GLAAD, can you tell me what will determine when you put Roland back on the air?

Toms letter to Roland was signed, Tom Joyner. I wonder if he left the word uncle off on purpose, or maybe he just thought it would be redundant!

In many ways, Joyner and GLAAD are very similar. Both claim to seek understanding and promote equality among people, but, neither gave it to Roland Martin. So, in a way, Tom Joyner is GLAAD.

If you want to show your love and support for Roland, I encourage each of you to make three calls and send three emails. Tom Joyners phone number is: 972-789-1058; Mark Whitakers number and email are: 212-275-7800 (markwhitaker); Jim Walton (president of CNN world wide) 404-827-1500 (jim.walton@turner.com).

Raynard Jackson is president & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC., a D.C.-public relations/government affairs firm. He is also a contributing editor for ExcellStyle Magazine (www.excellstyle.com), Freedoms Journal Magazine (www.freedomsjournal.net), and U.S. Africa Magazine (www.usafricaonline.com).


African-American – News

African-American – News February 13, 2012

Plan for Athens Walmart divisive in Athens (11 Alive)
Some advocates are supporting the new project because they hope it will bring more jobs to the northeast Georgia city.

Ku Klux Klan: Extraordinary images from a divisive era capture a day...
Ku Klux Klan: Extraordinary images from a divisive era capture a day… (Daily Mail)
The eerie ghost-like hordes boldly parade on the country’s most illustrious avenue in a performance that feels unthinkable in today’s world.
Diversity increasing in NJ, and more residents comfortable with it, poll finds (Daily Record)
The Garden State has grown racially and ethnically in the last decade, and according to the results of a Monmouth University/NJ Press Media Poll, New Jerseyans are showing an increased level of comfort with that diversity.

‘Not just for black people: for everybody’ (Star-Press)
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Gary Chenault, president and CEO of the United Way of Delaware County; Eddie Bell, Muncie fire chief; Yvonne Thompson, director of Muncie’s Human Rights Commission; Jason Walker, Delaware County Sheriff’s Department chief deputy; and Terry Whitt Bailey, director of the Community Development office.

Black, Female And An Inspirational Modern Artist (National Public Radio)
Just in the last year, 96-year-old American artist Elizabeth Catlett has had her work featured in exhibitions from Istanbul to Mexico to New York.

Black History Month essay: The history of black dance (LoHud)
To hear Dori Berinstein tell it, all she had to do was mention that she was making a film about… Marcus Charles of Suffern High School is participating in a Black History Month essay program Jan.

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KNAPP COUNSEL SAYS RAY KELLY KEEPS NYPD CLEAN: The best defense against systematic police corruption in New York City is strong leadership, and thats exactly what the NYPD has in Commissioner Ray Kelly, the head of the Mayors Commission to Combat Police Corruption said: http://bit.ly/wMQNco


*Comptroller Tom DiNapolis office temporarily halted 1,755 contracts sought by various state agencies over the past year, at a time when the Cuomo administration is trying to relax some of his oversight abilities, the Buffalo News writes: http://bit.ly/yrPkIO

* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver reportedly slipped a poison pill into teacher evaluation legislation that is facing a Thursday deadline, in order to derail the bill for his teachers union allies, the New York Posts Fred Dicker writes: http://nyp.st/x4KQaS

* The proposed new legislative lines would likely increase the Republican majority in the Senate and the Democratic majority in the Assembly, the New York World reports: http://bit.ly/znekSn

* The number of workers earning minimum wage in New York has increased sharply since the start of the recession, the Wall Street Journal writes: http://on.wsj.com/xe8GCa

*Public sector unions are pushing for a series of pension sweeteners even as Gov. Andrew Cuomo tries to implement a leaner new pension tier, the Post says: http://nyp.st/yey63C

* A new study finds that hospitals routinely flout rules meant to curb aggressive debt collection, the New York Times reports: http://nyti.ms/yFDJbk

* Two years after the measure failed, Senate Democrats are reintroducing gun microstampting legislation, which is strongly backed by Senate GOP ally Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Daily News says: http://nydn.us/wK8KHE

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