Cornel West Joins Dozens of Protesters in Stop-and-Frisk Court Fight

Cornel West Joins Dozens of Protesters in Stop-and-Frisk Court Fight

February 16, 2012 2:20pm | By Shayna Jacobs, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

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MANHATTAN CRIMINAL COURT Activist Cornel West and about than two-dozen opponents of the NYPD’s controversial stop and frisk policy will be showing strength in numbers at a criminal trial expected to begin in April.

At a Manhattan Criminal Court hearing Thursday, West refused to take a conditional dismissal offer for disorderly conduct charges.

The renowned Princeton University professor and activist, had been among a group of 200 demonstrators opposing the policy who gathered in front of the state building on 125th Street in Harlem on Oct. 21, 2011. About 34 were arrested.

Critics charge that stop and frisk, which allows police to search people who they believe are involved in crimes, unfairly targets members of minority communities and is a clear violation of the civil rights of people who are searched.

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