Inwood Playground Slide to Be Removed After Company Issues Recall

Inwood Playground Slide to Be Removed After Company Issues Recall

February 20, 2012 7:24am | By Carla Zanoni, DNAinfo Social Media Editor


INWOOD A children’s slide is being yanked from an Inwood playground amid a nationwide recall by the manufacturer.

The Parks Department is removing the play equipment from Inwood Hill Park after the same model was cited in 16 reports of injuries to young children across the US.

The six-foot-high slide, called the Slalom Glider, is made by Minnesota-based playground Landscape Structures.

Children can fall when moving from the ladder to the slide and when descending the chute, according to a warning issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission last week.

The accidents was blamed on the equipment’s lack of a “transition platform on the top and sides of the chute.”

The CPSC received 16 reports of injuries to children under 8-years old, including one bruised arm, 14 fractures to arms and legs, one fractured collar bone and one bruised spleen, according to a press release from the commission.

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