What to Eat on Shrove Tuesday

What to Eat on Shrove Tuesday

February 21Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Fastnacht (German for eve of fast) and Mardi Gras (French for Fat Tuesday), is the last day before Lent begins in the Christian calendar.

In the Cajun country of Louisiana, a rich chicken gumbo served over rice is the traditional Mardi Gras feast. For the Pennsylvania Dutch, Shrove Tuesday means Fastnacht kuche, a special, deep-fried doughnut baked and eaten only on this day. A similar deep-fried cake called Oliebollen is eaten in Holland, and jelly-filled buns called Paczki are made in Poland. Maybe the best-known Shrove Tuesday food is pancakes, traditionally fried to use up all of the cooking fats (forbidden during Lent).

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This day was also thought to be a weather and crop prognosticator for the year to come.

When the Sun is shining on Shrovetide Day, it is meant well for rye and peas.

Thunder today foretelleth wind, store of fruit, and plenty.

So much as the Sun shineth on Pancake Tuesday, the like will shine every day in Lent.

February 21New Moon
Today is the New Moon. Did you know: The new Moon always rises at sunrise. See our article, Will the Moon Rise Today?

To have a project prosper, start it during the new Moon.