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Harlem – News February 25, 2012

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Mama, I Want to Sing Returns To Harlem's Dempsey Theater 225
Mama, I Want to Sing Returns To Harlem’s Dempsey Theater 225 (BroadwayWorld)
Mama, I Want to Sing: The Next Generation, the revival of Mama, I Want to Sing the 1983 musical based on the life and times of singer Doris Troy will re-open at The Dempsey Theater .
If It’s Broke, Fix Ita “Properly (Wall Street Journal)
When a piece of furniture goes to pieces, you don’t have to. Take it to one of the repair shops trusted by top decorators It might not be a 15th-century Renaissance terra-cotta relief, like the Della Robbia that did a back-flip off a wall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few years ago.

Menu Math: When Counting Fast Food Calories Requires A Calculator (National Public Radio)
Calorie counts like the one on this McDonald’s drive-thru in New York are intended to help people make healthier choices.

Montgomery Native Perry Varner Makes Mark on Fashion Industry (Alabama Live)
Find him at The Royal Experience , Radar Magazine’s second anniversary function and fashion show in Huntsville this Sunday.

‘9 Miles From N. York,’ 1709, St. Nicholas Park in Harlem (Harlem World)
The milestones marker is dated from 1709A as the 9th mile from New York within St.