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African-American – News February 28, 2012

Children's Corner: The latest kids' books to win the Coretta Scott King Awards
Children’s Corner: The latest kids’ books to win the Coretta Scott King Awards (Post-gazette)
“Heart and Soul” combines Kadir Nelson’s writing and artistry to produce an intriguing look at American history through the eyes of African-Americans. Celebrate Black History Month by reading the latest winners of the Coretta Scott King Awards, given annually to the best children’s books written and illustrated by African-Americans. Created in … (more)
Civil rights struggle topic of NAACP presentation at Centenary College (The Jersey Journal)
Centenary College’s National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter sponsored a presentation at the Lackland Center featuring Philip Freeman, assistant director of the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, as a keynote speaker.

Louis Farrakhan: Nation of Islam leader warns racism could lead to… (Daily Mail)
Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan in an impassioned speech on Sunday charged that racism in America has created such a negative political climate it could lead to assassination attempts on President Barack Obama.

Lt. Gov. Bolling Breaks Tie As Senate Passes Voter ID Bill (WUSA9)
Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, on consecutive tie-breaking votes, ensured passage of Republican bills that would tighten requirements for casting ballots and restrict those who can watch provisional ballots counted.

Pittsburgh board apologizes for school experiment (Connecticut Post)
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Monday that the board apologized last week to the predominantly black community that Pittsburgh Westinghouse 6-12 School serves.

Oscars make an effort to be inclusive (The Miami Herald)
With open arms, the Oscars welcomed diversity back to its ceremony, but the embrace turned out to be more awkward than warm.



Tomorrow is Leap Day!

Tomorrow is Leap Day! Here are the rules for leap year, just to set the record straight. A year is a leap year if it is divisible by 4, but century years are not leap years unless they are divisible by 400. And always remember this: Leap year was neer a good sheep year.

See more fun facts about Leap Year.




* New York cities struggling with rising pension bills are increasingly borrowing from the same state pension fund they owe money to, delaying costs while banking on an economic rebound, the New York Times reports:

* State education officials are considering legislation to shield teachers from further disclosures to protect a statewide evaluation system after the release of New York City teacher rankings, the Wall Street Journal writes:

* Some parents of students at PS 89 in the Bronx, which had the most poorly rated teachers in 2010, plan to send their kids elsewhere, though a school official dismissed the flawed rankings, the Post reports:

* Sen. Mark Grisanti was banned from Seneca casinos after an altercation earlier this month, while former Assemblyman Jack Quinn, a potential replacement candidate, still backs Grisanti, the Buffalo News reports:

* A staffer of former state Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.s healthcare firm will testify that he asked his campaign to use straw donors to get around campaign finance limits, the Post writes:

* The Occupy Wall Street movement is set to get corporate funding from the founders of Ben & Jerrys and other business leaders, with $300,000 raised so far and a $1.8 million goal, the Journal writes: