WaHi Cops Accused of Drinking on Duty Ordered to Rehab

WaHi Cops Accused of Drinking on Duty Ordered to Rehab

March 1, 2012 9:16am


La Parrilla Restaurant in Washington Heights. (DNAinfo/Carla Zanoni)

By Murray Weiss and Carla Zanoni

DNAinfo Staff

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS Two NYPD detectives have been ordered to rehab after they spent hours drinking on duty at a Washington Heights restaurant where a waitress claims she was sexually assaulted.

The cops, who were directed by the department to go to the facility upstate, are among four detectives from the 33rd Precinct who partied at Parrilla Steakhouse on Feb. 16. All have been placed on modified duty and stripped of their guns and badges while the incident is investigated by the Internal Affairs Bureau.

Investigators are still trying to determine if one of the detectives had sex with the waitress during the four hours that he spent at the eatery on Broadway and 164th Street.

The case is the latest black eye for the precinct seven months ago, an off-duty 33rd Precinct officer, Michael Pena, was arrested for allegedly raping a Bronx school teacher in Inwood at gunpoint, putting women in the neighborhood on edge.

“Where are we supposed to turn if even the police are doing things like this?” asked Washington Heights resident Stephany Milagros, 28, in response to the Parrilla allegations. “What happened to upholding the law?”

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