* Negotiations are under way at the staff level for a constitutional amendment creating a 10-member independent redistricting panel, with the Legislature retaining some power to tweak its maps, the Times Union reports:

* Jenny Hou wrote online that New York is a cruel city after being charged with fraud as John Lius campaign treasurer, while her mother told a Chinese-language newspaper that both Lius work and Hous sacrifice are for the Chinese community, the Post writes:

* New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie increased his criticism of the NYPD for secretly monitoring Muslims in his state, saying 9/11 showed the need to share information and mocking Commissioner Ray Kelly as all knowing, all seeing, the AP reports:

* Beth Israel Medical Center admitted to fraudulently raising fees for Medicare patients through a process called turbocharging and agreed to pay the federal government $13 million in damages, the New York Times writes:

* Of the 50 hospitals cited by Consumer Reports as having the worst patient safety records nationwide, 30 are in the New York City metro area and the Bronxs city-run Jacobi Medical Center is the worst, The News writes:

* The Bloomberg administration is stepping up anti-smoking efforts targeted at Asians, who have continued smoking at the same rate they did in 2002 despite declines for most other New Yorkers, the Times notes: