Inaugural Harlem TEDx Conference Wants to Spark Big Ideas

Inaugural Harlem TEDx Conference Wants to Spark Big Ideas Updated March 19, 2012 9:10am

March 19, 2012 9:10am | By Jeff Mays, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer


TEDxHarlem Executive Producer Imari Oliver said the event is about bringing life to ideas of social innovation. (DNAinfo/Jeff Mays)

HARLEM Harlem has a reputation of being a place of innovative ideas. From the writers of the Harlem Renaissance to Malcolm X speaking on 125th Street and the jazz culture that was curated here, Harlem has always been a place for creativity that has changed the world.

But these days, Harlem is sometimes only thought of as an intellectual hotbed in the historical sense. The organizers of Harlem’s first TEDx event, a group of global conferences whose motto is “ideas worth spreading,” want to change that.

“The world recognizes Harlem as a source of creativity, inspiration and innovation yet we don’t have anything in Harlem that harnesses our voice. It’s a collection of individual voices. We don’t have a vehicle that tells our story of creativity and vision and innovation,” said Marcus Glover, an advertising executive who founded the TEDxHarlem conference.

TEDx conferences are the independent, locally-produced versions of the TED conferences held in annually in Long Beach, Calif., and TEDGlobal in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In a nod to Harlem’s place in history, the March 27 event will be held at one of Harlem’s most legendary venues, the Apollo Theater.

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