IN THE NEW ISSUE OF CITY & STATE: New York City generates a mind-boggling 50,000 tons of waste every day, day after day, and sends much of it out of the city on trucks, at a growing cost to the environment, as well as the citys bottom line. As the Bloomberg administration explores new and better ways to recycle, we follow one empty coffee cup from the 49th floor of a Midtown skyscraper to a slow boat to China and beyond: <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


* Gov. Andrew Cuomo will propose to create a new agency, equipped with the authority to convene grand juries and issue subpoenas, to strengthen the response to abuse of disabled people in state care, according to a draft plan obtained by the New York Times:

* Cuomo is also considering plans to rein in and reorganize the scandal-scarred New York Racing Authority in the wake of a state report showing NYRA cheated bettors out of $8 million, the Posts Fred Dicker reports:

* New Yorks no-fault divorce law, passed in 2010, is being applied inconsistently across different counties, with some still undergoing lengthy trials despite reform efforts, the Wall Street Journal reports:

* Gay rights groups in Albany are turning their attention to passing GENDA, the bill that would prohibit discrimination based on gender expression, the Times Union reports:

* Mayoral contender Bill Thompson is aggressively courting the citys Orthodox Jewish community, and is ahead of his competitors so far, the New York Post says:

* Former aides to the Clintons and Barack Obama are supporting Clyde Williams in his race against Rep. Charlie Rangel, in what the Post calls a stunning rebuke to the veteran congressman:

* A manager fired from the NYPD pension fund is accusing co-workers of using city computers to troll and email X-rated videos and websites, the Daily News reports: