WINNERS AND LOSERS: This week the political was also personal, as President Obama came out in support of gay marriage, citing the New York State Senates marriage vote as an influence. Who says Albany legislators don’t have any clout! But brief moments of self-congratulation were overtaken by the grim realities of the stump, and so by Thursday we were back to parsing the polls, pundits and policy that leave some winners and others the inevitable losers:


* Charles Hynes, the Brooklyn district attorney, follows different rules when dealing with abuse cases involving the ultra Orthodox Jewish community, like keeping the names of convicts secret, the New York Times reports:

* Democratic Rep. Bill Owens got a $20,000 trip to Taiwan that was arranged by the governments lobbyists, a violation of Congressional ethics rules, ProPublica reports:

* Most New York City voters support the living wage bill and the new bike rental program and want to live in buildings that ban smoking, though they dont want City Hall to push for bans, according to a Quinnipiac University poll:

* Jurors indicated they are finally coming to a decision in the embezzlement trial of former lawmaker Pedro Espada Jr., who told reporters that evil spiritual powers were at play in their deliberations, the Times writes:

* All of New York Citys Democratic House members voted for a long-shot resolution pushing back against the NYPDs monitoring of Muslims, the Wall Street Journal reports:

* State lawmakers have introduced legislation to close a loophole that allows people to watch child pornography on the Internet, instead making it a felony in the wake of a ruling that it is legal, the Daily News writes:

* The Green Book, New York Citys official government directory, is going live online today after the Bloomberg administration waited since 2008 on updating the print publication, the Times reports:



African-American – News

African-American – News May 11, 2012

Less Than 1 Percent Of African-Americans Making Needed Blood Donations
Less Than 1 Percent Of African-Americans Making Needed Blood Donations (WDSU-TV New Orleans)
The blood is needed for the thousands of minorities who are suffering from rare genetic illnesses, and they could die if they don’t get the type of blood they need.
NAACP audience hears rousing call to ‘do what is right’ (The Post-Standard)
The Syracuse/Onondaga County NAACP gave awards to 15 people at its annual banquet tonight and heard its keynote speaker give a rousing talk about civil rights, personal responsibility, and faith in God.

Obama places big bet on gay marriage issue (The Star Online)
President Barack Obama called his decision to support same-sex marriage the result of a personal evolution but it also appears to have been a calculated political choice made with an eye on the November 6 election.

Rep. Allen West: Obama May Lose African-American Votes Over Gay Marriage Stance (KSFO AM 560)
Some African-Americans will think twice about voting for President Obama in November after he declared his support for gay marriage, according to Republican Rep.

Baptist leader apologizes to Obama for comments (Ledger-Enquirer)
A Southern Baptist leader has apologized to President Barack Obama and other black leaders for accusing them of exploiting Trayvon Martin’s death for political gain.

1 in 5 White Women Have Smoked While Pregnant (WJCW-AM Gray)
One in five white women have smoked cigarettes while pregnant, according to a new government study released Thursday.

New Black Panthers: Noisy but small (Philly)
FOR A POLITICAL movement that serves as a 50,000-watt boogeyman for conservative talk radio in America, finding your local representative of the New Black Panther Party is not easy.

Culprit responsible for severe systemic scleroderma complications in African-Americans found
Culprit responsible for severe systemic scleroderma complications in African-Americans found (Science, Industry and Business)
Researchers say 3 proteins linked to worse outcomes are found more often in blacks than Caucasians with a common form of scleroderma A new analysis finds that compared to Caucasians, African-Americans with systemic scleroderma have more antibodies in the blood that are linked to severe complications and an increased likelihood of death.
Systemic sclerosis complications more severe in African Americans than Caucasians (Science, Industry and Business)
African Americans have more severe complications from systemic sclerosis, also known as scleroderma, than Caucasians.