Dear Family of Friends

Dear Family of Friends,

I’m a former “investment broker” who managed a firm on Wall Street and that experience getting my series 7 and 63 gives me credentials to let all of you know the difference between two companies merging and one being taken over in a hostile manner! What is being broadcast by WBLS as a “Merger” between them and KISS, 98.7 FM is nothing but “LIES” to the listening Public!! What we actually have here is a “Hostile Takeover” by Magic Johnson’s WBLS and His Partners ESPN/Disney. Yes, you heard me correctly, this is not a Merger, this is a Hostile Takeover performed by the smiling Magic Johnson and executed by Disney/ESPN to knock ALL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMING FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY OFF THE AIR!!!

In a negotiated settlement between White Supremacist Disney, Magic Johnson, and the Owners of Hot 97.1/98.7 KISS, any programs that taught Black People specifically and others in general about sticking on crimes against Black People or supporting the re-election of President Barack Obama have been sliced from this “New Minstrel” Show that is being called a Merger!

I’m very knowledgeable about the “Radio Business” and how it affects the opinions of Our Black Community. This so called “Merger” cut the communication/teaching/educating legs out from under The Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Michael Baisden Show, The Open Line Show, The Week In Review, and any other Program that “Educated Black People!” WBLS and Magic Johnson destroyed their competition via knocking Out KISS, 98.7 FM and ESPN got what it wanted and that was a FM Station doing Sports twenty-four seven. The only losers are the Black Community and the great Teaching Personnel of all the shows mentioned!! What Are We Going To Do??

I say We must immediately lodge Our Protest by not watching Sports Programming By ESPN nor listening to their Radio Shows. WE must also write by the hundreds of thousands, letters, email, protest, and any other means of demonstration against Radio Administrator picking Sports over Our Education on the Radio! I’m insulted by everyone involved in this “hostile takeover” for treating the Black Community Like Our Needs are not even in a discussion! The “Suits” act as if WE’RE irrelevant and have no opinions about this Hostile Takeover!! I HATE What The Suits and Magic Johnson have done to the New York City Metro Area Black Media Outlets! I’m One Million Percent Against what they have done and those of YOU who know is going on, YOU MUST Challenge this deception!! No, I’m going to tell it like it is, We must Challenge These Liars!!!

In the Interest of Protecting Our Interest,

Brother Zachary C. Husser, Community Organizer
1(917) 279-6751-cell

Note: I’ve looked at the below “Line Up” for the “Merged” WBLS and KISS and this is not what I want! WE have enough comedians and R&B record playing. I want “Knowledge” like Michael Baisden, Thom Joyner, The Open Line, and The Week In Review gave me everyday they were on the Air! I want MY Knowledge Nuggets Back!! What Do YOU want???? Wake Up Before We’re All Through!! Pass on to your concerned Family..



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