* The investigations editor for the Albany Times Union is charging that Albany elected officials and law enforcement unjustly targeted his wifes spa with a prostitution charge in retaliation for critical news coverage, the New York Times reports:

* The New York City congressional race between Congressman Charlie Rangel and State Sen. Adriano Espaillat has turned into a war of endorsements, with Rangel seeking to prove he still retains institutional support, and Espaillat seeking to show that Rangel has lost it, the Times writes:

* More than 600 hours of New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinns public schedule were redacted from a freedom of information request, but records do show meetings with campaign fundraisers and frequent meetings about Walmart and the living wage bill, NY1 reports:

* The New York State Democratic Party denied New York City Comptroller John Liu a slot to attend the 2012 convention in Charlotte as an at-large delegate, in part over concerns about an investigation into his campaign fundraising, the Times writes:

* Gay couples in New York and Connecticut are learning that even though their state allows them to marry, they still must take more steps than straight couples to protect their assets, and are increasingly seeking advice from professionals about issues ranging from filing joint taxes to owning property together, the Wall Street Journal writes:

* After a two-year exile to a trailer outside of City Hall, New York Citys press corps is finally returning to the fabled Room 9, as well as to a lesser-known overflow room, which boasts a number of new media outlets, the Times says: