A man was sentenced to 4 years in jail due to joint-remnants

A man was sentenced to 4 years in jail due to joint-remnants stuck to his shoe!

A British man was sentenced to four years in jail because the remains of a smoked joint were found stuck to his shoe. 43- year old Keith Andrew Brown was sentenced to four years for the “possession” of cannabis at the UAE airport.

After airport customs found cannabis weighing less than a grain of sugar embedded in the thread of his shoe. However, he was pardoned and released early from prison.

The UAE is a popular destination for British tourists and imposes though penalties for all drug-related crimes.

Four years is the usual charge for possession while trafficking is punishable by death. It bans many over-the-counter medications including melatonin, which eases the effect of jet lag and codeine, a common ingredient in pain relievers.

There are reports saying that a Swiss national was jailed after 3 poppy seeds from a bread roll were found on his clothes. Visitors are advised to “take extreme caution in order to avoid arrest.”