* Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared his marijuana proposal dead, stamped out by state Senate Republicans who saw decriminalization as a declaration that Albany was soft on crime, the New York Times writes:

* Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration is lobbying heavily to kill an effort by Governor Cuomo and unions to limit the release of individual teachers’ evaluations, the Wall Street Journal reports:

* High-profile players in New York City’s restaurant and hospitality industries have joined forces to form a new lobbying group, citing frustrations with the city’s health department, the Journal says:

* A coalition of environmental groups plans to campaign against a proposal that Governor Cuomo is weighing to approve limited drilling for natural gas, the Times says:

* Under a proposal gaining traction in Albany, New Yorker drivers may soon have to get used to cameras that record the speed of a passing car and issue violations automatically, the Times reports:

* The MTAs target to bring the Long Island Rail Road into Grand Central Terminal is now August 2019, a date thats already been pushed back several times, the New York Post writes:

* With lawmakers set to leave town in two days, energy-infrastructure companies are making a last-minute push to lift the state’s ban on storing liquefied natural gas, the Ithaca Journal reports: