The Neighborhood Yard Sale at Fort Tryon Park: Sell your old stuff and support a great park!

The Neighborhood Yard Sale

Half of the spots for the Neighborhood Yard Sale have been reserved!
Get yours now before they run out!

Reserve tables now at

Neighborhood Yard Sale:

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Stan Michels Promenade

Reduce, reuse, recycle: give your old things a new life in the hands
of a neighbor and make a few bucks while you are at it. Bargain
Hunters come from near and far to shop the yard sale on Stan Michels

Table rental is only $35. Rental includes a 6-ft. x 10-ft. space and
use of a 6-ft x 30-in. table. Limited tables available. Reserve a
table at
to sell your personal and household items.

This is a Community Yard Sale: Our permit stipulates that it is for
individuals to sell personal and household items only. It is our
policy not to allocate space at the Neighborhood Yard Sale to
organizations, artists, businesses etc. On the day of the event, any
commercial enterprises will be asked to leave and no refunds will be

Baker’s Bash

Don’t Miss a Great Live Kids Concert with the Bossy Frog Band and the
Garbage Men!

Bakers Bash:

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Location: Linden Terrace

Enjoy a bake-off competition, breakfast buffet, face painter, with
live music from Bossy Frog Band as well as the Garbage Men. Breakfast
will be compliments of Coogan’s Restaurant.

The Bossy Frog Band <>
is a fun and funky musical experience for children, young and old.
Led by Jeffrey Friedberg, certified music therapist, on banjo, The
Bossy Frog Band creates a safe environment for children to let loose
and discover the world around them. Songs are composed specifically to
facilitate growth socially, personally, cognitively, and physically.
Children will dance, sing and immerse themselves in the Bossy Frog
experience. The witty and catchy tunes fully engage children while
providing them opportunities to grow and develop.

Five teens from Sarasota, Florida, are making music from garbage. The
Garbage-Men band <>
‘s instruments are made from recycled objects. The band started about
two years ago. Jack Berry�who was in eighth grade at the
time�decided to make a playable, homemade guitar. After some
trial-and-error, he ended up building it from a cereal box, a
yardstick and toothpicks. After Jack showed his creation to his friend
Ollie Gray, Ollie had the idea to form a band using other homemade
instruments as a way to promote recycling. “We want to show people
there is more to recycling than throwing things away in the bin,”
Jack, 16, told TFK. “You can actually reuse materials.”


Buy tickets now to check out these great live acts and other
activites. Tickets are $20 for adults and $5 for children under 12.
Tickets are available at
.. Space is limited.

*Bakers Bash Bake-Off*

Bakers! Fort Tryon Park needs you and your baking skills to enter the
baking competition and win great prizes. Entrants must provide a dozen
servings for each category they wish to enter. To enter the baking
contest please email stephanie.blaufarb
or call 212-795-1388×302 to let us know your name, email, phone,
address and what category you will enter.

All proceeds support Fort Tryon Park restoration, horticultural
supplies, maintenance staff, free programs, special events, volunteer
initiatives and improvements in the park.