* Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver backs Gov. Andrew Cuomos preference of keeping online communication between him and his aides confidential by relying on text messages, the Posts Fred Dicker writes:

* Democratic operatives say Cuomos secretive streak is unlikely to hurt his national standing as he contemplates a run for the presidency in 2016, as long as his state approval rating remains high, the Daily Newss Ken Lovett writes:

* New York and other states are moving toward changing the way they grant licenses to teachers, deemphasizing tests and essays in favor of prepared lesson plans and taped presentations, the New York Times reports:

* The Metropolitan Transit Authority gave Apple an unfair advantage to secure its lease for a retail store in Grand Central Terminal, according to a state comptroller audit, the Post learns:

* A rash of fatal injuries to racehorses at the Aqueduct Race Track vexed government officials earlier this year according to documents obtained by the Albany Times Union:

* The MTA will turn over the responsibility of managing Fulton Center, a $1.4 billion project with 70,000 square feet of retail space due to be finished in 2014, to a private operator, the Journal reports:

* Half of Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffriess congressional campaign contributions a month before the primary came from out of state donors, the News leans:

* The states health care system is paying $24 billion a year to help cover hospital and emergency costs for preventable illnesses in communities of color, the Post learns:

* Mayor Michael Bloombergs longtime press secretary, Stu Loeser, is leaving his job next month after more than six years in City Hall to start his own corporate communications firm, the Times writes: