* Gov. Andrew Cuomo is vowing to pass the stricter laws proposed by Senate Democrats to crack down on illegal gun use in the wake of shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin, the New York Post reports:

* Labor leaders are courting gay rights activists to pressure Council Speaker Christine Quinn over paid sick leave legislation by threatening not to support her mayoral bid, the Post writes:

* State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos wants the Assembly to take up a bill making the sale and possession of designer drugs, including bath salts and synthetic pot, a felony, the Daily News reports:

* Dozens of executives at companies that do business with the city have bundled nearly $1 million for prospective 2013 mayoral candidates, skirting campaign finance restrictions, the New York World reports:

* State Sen. David Storobin disputed charges from political rival Simcha Felder about petition signatures collected to stay on the ballot in November, the News writes:

* Five companies reached a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency to clean up mercury contamination at an Albany-area site, the Associated Press writes:

* Retiring assemblyman Bob Reilly has hired as his new district office manager a former Teamsters leader expelled from the union this spring, the Times Union reports:



Mark the Date! Thursday, September 13th


To those who are tired of seeing police step to our youth with harassment, brutality and even worse; to those outraged because the NYPD stopped and frisked 684,000 people last year alone; to Black and Latino youth tired of knowing that every time you leave your house you might be descended on by cops; to parents who fear that no matter what you tell your kids about surviving an encounter with cops it wont be enough to keep them safe; to people who know this will never happen to them but also know its wrong join us on September 13th to Blow the Whistle on Stop & Frisk!

Stop & Frisk is racist, and its no damned good. People have begun to stand up and fight it. In the face of the massive public outcry, the NYPD is doubling down. They are on pace to stop and frisk even more people this year. Now is the time to unleash resistance that can sweep Stop & Frisk away. The racial profiling Stop & Frisk concentrates is a pipeline to mass incarceration and the warehousing of our youth in prison. We dont have to suffer all this anymore, and we wont. There is no good reason for Stop & Frisk to remain in effect. Its illegal and illegitimate. It must be stopped! We are going to stop it, and you must join us in doing that!

Join us in Blowing the Whistle on Stop and Frisk! On September 13th, thousands of people all across NYC will politically confront the cops who are violating peoples rights. We will be blowing whistles to call out these injustices and using cameras to document the criminal actions of the cops. At 6 PM, we will all blow our whistles at once to signal to all those who have been targeted by Stop & Frisk, to all those who have stood up against it and to the cops and officials who enforce it that there are people all over who will no longer be silent. And in cities across the country, people have to act in solidarity: Blowing the Whistle on the way cops target Black and Latino youth, whether they call it Stop & Frisk or not.

On September 13th we will say in a strong, united voice: WE WILL NO LONGER STAND BY SILENTLY WHILE PEOPLE ARE DENIED THEIR RIGHTS. Our actions on that day will drive a nail into the coffin of Stop & Frisk.

Be a part of making this day happen. Get your whistles and get them out to others in your neighborhood, at your school, in your workplace or in your place of worship. Spread the word and organize people you know to be a part of this day. Take to the streets on September 13th and with us declare that the days when the cops can violate peoples rights however they want, when people arent inspired and organized to politically resist this kind of injustice are no more.

This Call Is Issued By:

  • Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party
  • Cornel West, professor, author and public intellectual
  • Debra Sweet, World Cant Wait
  • Efia Nwangaza, Malcolm X Center, Greenville, SC
  • Gbenga Akinnagbe, actor
  • Herb Boyd, author, activist; Harlem, NY
  • James Vrettos, professor, John Jay College, City University of New York
  • Luke Aidge Patterson, artist and activist
  • Randy Credico, political satirist-activist

What You Can Do

  • Get whistles and flyers and organize people in your neighborhood, your work place or your place of worship for Thursday, September 13th;
  • Organize crews to go into your school, and other schools, in September and take united actionBlow the Whistle on Stop & Frisk;
  • Contact the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and get an organizing kit;
  • Contribute money to help make all this happen as powerfully as possible.

Stop Mass Incarceration Network * 866-841-9139 x2670 *

stopmassincarceration * P.O. Box 941 Knickerbocker Station NYC NY 10002


Club Fit: Free Yoga Class

Club Fit: Free Yoga Class

Date: August 4, 2012

NYRP’s free outdoor yoga classes are a great way to stay fit. Every Saturday through September, these hour-long sessions, led by licensed instructors, will educate participants about proper form, tempo, and mindset needed for a fulfilling and exciting workout.

Happening every Saturday.

Target East Harlem, Manhattan
415-417 East 117th St. (between First and Pleasant Avenues)
Instructor: Harlem Yoga Studio

Start time: 11:00 am

End time: 12:00 pm

Contact phone: (212) 333-2552

Location: 415-417 East 117th St.

Club Fit: Free Yoga Class
Fri, 03 Aug 2012 04:00:03 GMT